Benefits of Analytics-Integrated Social Media Marketing

Martech Outlook | Monday, July 13, 2020

Seeking connectivity and connectedness everywhere, most of us are today engaged with social media. Marketing professionals need to understand the importance of emulsifying analytics for improving their performance on social media. 

FREMONT, CA: The inclination of people towards social media brings us to the realization that these platforms engage billions of people who are the potential customers of a business. Analytics plays a crucial role in managing marketing strategies in this competitive market. Let’s take a look at how analytics can benefit the marketing strategy.

Understanding the target audience

Before executing the marketing plans, it is important to identify and understand the target well. Analytics provides information about the audience, their age, location, and sometimes the buyers' interest and behavior too.

Top 10 Marketing Analytics Solution Companies - 2018Developing better content

Knowing what kind of content would please the audience more makes it easier to reach the marketing targets. Social media platforms provide insights into the maximum engagement that enables understanding of which kind of content, whether a photo or video or any particular kind, was best suited for the audience. 

Fixing a time to post

These analytics tools sort out engagement rates based on time. When we know at what time of the day or on what days the post had the highest engagement, it becomes convenient to optimize a schedule for posting the content. 

Watching out for competitors

Enterprises can easily keep track of their competitor, their content and performance, using certain third-party tools. Sprout Social, for example, offers competitive reports of the metrics, which makes it easy to analyze the competitors. Along with this, companies can also gain ideas from their competitors about the type of posts that the audience enjoys better and execute them.

Selecting the appropriate platforms

It might not be very efficient if a company tries to actively function on all platforms simultaneously. Companies can work on different platforms and compare the metrics for each and accordingly focus more on the one that gives maximum engagement. Google Analytics offers social traffic data that helps to analyze which platform carries maximum traffic to the company website.

Enhancing the campaigns

Organizations can now employ analytics tools to manage their campaigns more efficiently. These tools can help measure brand sentiment and analyze the audience's reaction after a campaign and thereby plan better campaigns in the future.

Finding relevant influencers

Social media marketing would not fetch the desired results without influencer marketing. With analytics, companies can seek influencers for the business as well as go through the past collaborations of the influencers, and their performance records, which give a fair opportunity to make a better decision.

As it is the marketing upscales the sales of a business, thereby bringing in profitability, fixing social media marketing with integrated analytics is the key need of the hour. Utilizing the data from the analytics makes the marketing strategy stronger and more efficient.

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