Beguiling audience with Episodic Content Marketing

By Martech Outlook | Wednesday, May 15, 2019

How can one stand out in the business with all the content gushing? Most of the marketers are opting in episodic content marketing to establish themselves aside from the opponent. Episodic content marketing is long-form content split into shorter passages or episodes. This kind of marketing content is usually takes form of a story that follows and plot and slowly reveal more about it with each episode. This is an effective way of forming a connection with the consumer and keeps them for coming back for more.

There are different forms of episodic content marketing:

• Articles
• Infographics
• Podcast
• Videos

The visual form of marketing is usually seen to be the most popular and effective medium. Episodic content marketing offers a massive opportunity for a brand to connect with the target audience frequently. There are several advantages of using episodic content marketing.

​• Creating a return audience
​• Builds subscribers and establishes credibility
​• Positioning the brand as an expert in the industry

Be it small, medium or big, all business sizes can influence storytelling to connect with customers. Key points on how episodic content marketing can help your audience coming back for more.

Develop a storyline

The main target is to captivate the audience with a storyline that does not resemble any other advertisements. It is better to create fascinating characters and plot that resonates with the target audience. After developing storyline and characters decide on the number of episodes and how each story will unfold.

Create anticipation

Creating suspense and cliffhangers are the main elements of anticipation that keep viewers tuning in. This will create a buzz amongst the viewers to find more about what happened next.

Engage your target audience

While creating episodic content, it is very important to consider the target audience. Characters should be relatable and have a connection with the audience. The contents should be aligned with culture and persona of the target audience.

Encourage audience interaction

Engaging with the audience by providing ways to interact with brand is always a plus point. Getting the audience involved during each episode of content further increases brand engagement.

If episodic content marketing is done in a proper way it can make a huge difference with the brand and build deeper connections with customers. Telling a brand's story is one of the best method to narrate and connect with the audience.

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