B2B Lead Generation Game Changers of 2019

By Martech Outlook | Wednesday, December 12, 2018

The market is continually evolving, and customers are changing along with it. Marketers have to stay relevant and useful to the customers. It is essential to observe the market and pinpoint the latest marketing trends for an effective lead generation plan. Here are a few marketing trends that marketers should watch out for in 2019:

Experiences Matter

In 2019, experiential and event marketing will be massive. It is going to take place in the form of live or web-casted video conferences and seminars. These events will get modified into experiences that will go toe-to-toe with online engagement platforms like online education market inspired from real-world conferences. Furthermore, in-person events targeted towards buying groups or personas will be prevalent in the professional service industries. Business leaders will use this space and time as a marketing venue to provide value to potential buyers.

Video Content is the King

It’s the era of video content. It is becoming the principal form of content to influence potential customers. Creating videos is expensive, and the more money brands pour into videos, the more engagement is possible. However, quality still reigns over quantity. Brands must learn how to communicate and should be able to personify themselves. Other channels might even work for brands as long as the quality is maintained. If companies are still inclined towards creating video content, it should be able to interact with prospects and solve their problems.  

Cold Calls

Cold calls are making a comeback with a new and improved strategy. With a lot of data to back it up, it can be called warm calls because these calls won’t be the first time the sales team gets in touch with a potential customer. Nowadays, companies are more focused on inbound and digital tactics. Conventional ways of communication like personal mail, phone calls, and pop-bys help brands stand out. These methods are now based on analytics and are being integrated into CRM. The tried and tested strategies coupled with new-era analytics are creating a difference for marketers.

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