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By Martech Outlook | Thursday, May 02, 2019

Change is the only constant.

This famous saying also applies to business operations—the ever-changing demand for upgradation in technology and operating modules has given way to complicated discrete technological advances, which have made the lives of digital marketers gut-busting and complex.  Digital asset management (DAM) has been around in the marketing technology ecosystem for a while, but it is now time we bring to the center stage. 

DAM is the technology that archives digital assets similar to a directory; it allocates searchable and exclusive metadata to evaluate, retrieve, and systematize the digital data in the index. DAM is a vital technology that is necessary now, rather than in the future.

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In the media and entertainment industry, the DAM effects increased functionality in the inventory, control, and distribution of digital assets like photographs, videos, graphics, logos, and marketing collateral. DAM wields real-time control over the content in this industry and promotes robust workflows to help in the smooth functioning of digital operations.. DAM offers excellent collection systems to manage customer data, data evaluation, and product information. It proves itself to be a foundational tool of the marketing technology (martech) stack by the provision of attractive, engaging, and high-quality digital data.

A digital marketer uses an integrated martech stack, which enables the grasp on digital operations holistically and manages the consumer lifecycle from end to end. It recognizes the existing scope of development responding to optimize with authenticity, adaptability, across different frameworks to provide new platforms for communication, engagement, and risk management as businesses grow. With a clear understanding of data in the existing in-house sources and external requirements, DAM enables firms to grow their businesses through data sharing and collaboration. The effective usage of DAM elucidates knowledge and substantial cost savings, generates market gains, and aids tuning a louder brand voice consistently. DAM is the connection which brings in the ultimate transformation and content required in digital marketing.  

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