AI Founds Effective E-Commerce Marketing Strategies, Here is how

By Martech Outlook | Wednesday, May 29, 2019

FREMONT, CA: The world of commerce has undergone a makeover. The brick and mortar stores have transformed themselves and adapted to the business ecosystem, which is predominantly internet-based these days. As a consequence, e-commerce has become a success. The mode of marketing in e-commerce is also digitally oriented. Advancing technologies like artificial intelligence and more, have made a significant impact on how retailers are conducting marketing.   

Artificial intelligence is a technology or a system which can emulate human cognitive ability and behave intelligently to solve problems, learn details, plan, or reason. Many sectors have successfully implemented AI and reaped benefits from it. E-commerce companies also have an excellent opportunity to leverage AI to carry out marketing. There are numerous ways in which AI can offer marketing solutions.

On an e-commerce website, a consumer is free to browse and pick through a vast range of products. It becomes slightly tricky to understand buyer preferences and personas in this case. This is where AI, with its algorithm, steps in to collect and analyze customer data and chart the trends. AI helps the companies to build personalized experiences for consumers, which in turn increase the turnover. The role of AI in marketing grows further into the space of customer support. AI-driven chatbots carry out various tasks in a very timely manner and reduce human involvement as well as costs. It could include addressing customer queries, sending automated emails, and helping customers with payments.  The availability of these assistance leads to higher customer engagement and enhanced customer satisfaction.

The AI does not only assists the customer but the staff as well. In the process, it reduces the workload substantially, allowing workers to focus on the more critical aspects of the business. The automation of systems also means that the requirement of staff reduces leading to a reduction in the labor cost along with the decrease in operational costs.

The AI, with its self-learning capabilities, has been continuously demonstrating its value over the last few years. The level of efficiency achieved with this is beyond expectations. Technological advancements, when applied with expertise, can lead to innovations which help companies write stories of growth.  

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