AI for B2B Marketing and Lead Generation

By Martech Outlook | Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Lead GenerationAs technologies like AI and ML can assimilate and analyze massive sets of data, they are particularly useful in identifying a potential customer base.

FREMONT, CA: Organizations are incorporating various techniques for attracting leads or potential customers with the hope of establishing long-term relationships with them. Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are the latest buzzwords that have great potential to optimize business processes. Especially as these technologies can assimilate and analyze massive sets of data, they are particularly useful in identifying a potential customer base. Here are the primary benefits of using AI for business processes:

B2B Marketing

B2B marketing involves promoting product or service usability to attract potential clients. AI can significantly enhance sales and revenue. It can identify positive leads to sales that will ensure that the correct audience is getting targeted for the relevant platform.

Ideal Customer Profile

In most of the firms, there is a lack of communication between their sales and marketing teams. To leverage AI in B2B lead generation, both the verticals must collaborate and decide on an ideal customer profile that satisfies both marketing and sales. The profile can include several variables such as the stage of the company, industry, and the number of employees in the company. AI can use these insights to measure present and potential leads with better results as against the conventional techniques.

Filtering Old Data for AI

In case a business has been running since long, it is highly plausible that it is using a vast Excel sheet or an overloaded customer relations management (CRM) software. Mostly the sheets have loads of details concerning the clients who do not fit into the current business sales prospects. Thus the company must take a step backwards and filter out the unnecessary blocks of data. Once refined, AI can pull considerable value from the data pools and indicate potential quality leads.

Predictive Analytics

An AI-enabled system can collect all the leads and compare them against marketing and financial data. It can also gain invaluable insights from social media campaigns. Thus AI can play a crucial role in predicting future trends for potential expenses, lead generation, and know which products would attract maximum attention. Firms can also engage their workforce on all the new leads and deploy AI chatbots to handle customer queries.

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