AI and Data: Guiding Enterprises to the Future

By Martech Outlook | Monday, April 15, 2019

The main agenda is to improve the customer experience. With the current rate of growth of big data and the ease of accessibility of customer information to marketers, they look at data in a much more pleasing manner. With each passing day, artificial intelligence is growing exponentially, and science is advancing steadily and uniquely. Improvements in robotic surgery. Reduction of workload on healthcare personnel due to the vast abilities of AI to collect, analyze and submit solutions quickly.

Certain trends in artificial intelligence and data are coming to sight in the year 2019. Automated machine learning (ML) will become common and, with better data management, will transform data science. Using machine learning technology like chatbots could be an answer. The intelligent ones can pick up on a natural language for communicating with a customer, finding the issue and solving it. Enabling self-service and automated customer support makes it easier for both the enterprise and the consumer to experience better satisfaction. Specific hardware for the training and execution of deep learning will also be developed. Introducing a good customer relation management (CRM) system with an enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems for support goes a long way. Investing in a good data management platform (DMP) which uses big data and AI algorithm to determine data sets of a customer from different sources is an advantage. Choosing an appropriate data management tools that meet the required need of the company: elucidating the objectives in DDM trends and providing customers with a good experience, including giving due value for loyalty and previous experiences with the company and using the procured data to provide better services in the future. Not straying from usual practices and understanding the competition. Edge computing will provide a coordinated structure along with cloud technology that simulates a service-oriented model paradigm. AutoML will empower business analysts and developers to develop models of machine learning that can address complicated situations without having to go through the typical process of ML models training. AI will make it much easier to fend off and prevent cyber threats and hackers.

Increasingly, the digital and physical world will intertwine. Digital experience will be more closely integrated into human experiences. IoT is set to become the company's largest driver of artificial intelligence. Edge devices are equipped with special FPGA and ASIC-based AI chips

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