Advantages of serial SEO tasks

By Marketing Tech Outlook | Thursday, January 10, 2019

Complete optimization of a website is never be done because websites need consistent upkeeping. Some of the tasks are performed on a weekly or monthly as content development and others need to conducted on a quarterly or yearly basis. The role of SEO is never be done and needs to target constantly. Following are some of the actions that need SEO's attention on a constant basis:

Crawl for broken links: Changes as moving or deleting pages, replacing images can have a significant impact on the website. And when these changes result in broken links that aren't resolved negative impact can be added up. It can be complicated when internal links within content come into play. Pages should not be reviewed manually, the designer should use automated software to do the heavy lifting and the software will catch the broken links.

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Quality and relevancy of contents: While developing the content, it should be producing regularly. This results in some irrelevant or low qualified content. When a huge amount of contents developed it will no longer be useful at one point. The irrelevant contents can be deleted and the URLs should be redirected to the most relevant content that exists. If the page has any inbound links or received any organic traffic, the designer should find something on the website to redirect it to.

Page speed: The Speed of page impact dramatically on the user. Page speed serves as a ranking factor. Low-quality content can affect page speed adversely.  Small websites should test all of their pages as the task would not be huge. Websites those have more than 1000pages should test the pages that drive 30 percent of the traffic. Then test any pages that are not included in the dataset that are critical to the business.

Review WordPress plugins: WordPress plugins may have a negative impact on page speed. Because CSS and JavaScript files are often included and sometimes even JavaScript libraries have been enqueued by WordPress core. Plugins should be updated and reviewed by the author regularly to continue the function properly. 



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