Advantages of a Successful Mobile Marketing Strategy

Debra Morgan, Marketing Tech Outlook | Friday, February 26, 2021

A robust and effective mobile marketing strategy is no longer optional for brands but a necessity.

FREMONT, CA: When it comes to internet usage, mobile reigns first. From teleconferencing to social media, people rely on smartphones for more than previously. That is what makes an effective mobile marketing strategy important to any business. More than that, mobile campaigns are a necessity in the eCommerce niche.  If brands are not on top of mobile marketing strategy, it’s time they must. The best place to begin is grounding in what this type of marketing strategy is and why it is important. Here is how brands can best target mobile users as an eCommerce business and offer a great mobile experience.

• Easy Accessibility

Unlike many marketing efforts, including SEO or even PPC campaigns through Google Adwords, there is a low barrier to access mobile strategies. Whether brands try SMS marketing or a social campaign, they don’t want much technical expertise. Nor do brands require any high-level tech. With strong collaboration across the organization, they can get things going with ease.  It is more straightforward to track mobile marketing campaigns. Easy to understand metrics, like click-through-rates (CTRs), are useful in measuring success.

• Cost-Effectiveness

Mobile marketing is wide. There are diverse strategies and operations from which brands can choose. That means firms can adopt campaigns and channels which suit the budget. Firms may be surprised at how effective a mobile strategy they can put in place with little outlay. Social media marketing is far cheaper than TV or radio spots. Mobile marketing strategies can be tightly targeted. Intelligent analytics and research allow brands to pinpoint the target audience better.

• Instant Transactions

Mobile is an immediate medium. By reaching out to mobile users, firms can engage with customers in real-time. That’s whether they’re at home, at work, or anywhere else besides. Every factor of mobile marketing is like the point of sale (POS) advertising. Brands are always reaching people when they’re only a few taps from making a purchase. If designed well, mobile marketing campaigns take benefits of this. Brands can hit a consumer right when they are most likely to purchase.

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