Advanced Digital Marketing Suites Addressing the Video Demands of Digital Audiences

By Martech Outlook | Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Optimized digital marketing suite with technological advantages allows the digital audience to cherish interactive video viewing experiences.     

FREMONT, CA: MultiVu launches a digital marketing suite, adding flexibility, affordability, and likelihood for digital audience engagement. The newly launched suite combines different tools such as social video, multichannel news releases, catalyst interactive web experience, premium publisher advertising, full episode players, pre-roll video ads, and influencer marketing. 

The company offers different solution sets: for social video, MultiVu allows the video providers to create a social media video, which enables them to deliver their message to the users and targeted customers. Featuring Multichannel News Releases (MNR), the company facilitates the custom-designed landing page for the content promotion and to adhere search engine optimization. MNR helps the video providers to distribute their videos through various channels, such as TV, radio, print news stations, online sites, social media, video channels, custom email list and more, to widely targeting the audience. The new digital suite also provides an analytical report to keep a track of the Key Performance Indicators (KPI).

The offered platform effectively allows users to customize web-based interactive content to increase retention, revisits, and sharing. Interactive solutions like a quiz, interactive infographic, calculator, and more help in the creative processes, and evolve faster native advertisement. The premium publisher advertising includes payments for clicks and impressions, A/B testing keyword-rich, attention-grabbing ad text, and homing in on a target audience. The tools focus on the content to reach the target audience on the sites and to increase their visits. The full episode player delivers video spots through connected TV or internet-connected device- desktop, mobile, tablets and more. Likewise, pre-roll video ads allow the targeted delivery of video ads. Pre-roll video can target the content nationally, by market, or by zip code. It also avails to target demographically on different levels such as age, gender, household income, family members, and even certain behaviors.

Founded in 2002, MultiVu helps the video providers with a full-scale strategy through its solution finder tools. It offers a custom proposal and approach, after evaluating the brand needs, campaign metrics, and consumer mindset to achieve targets.   

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