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By Martech Outlook | Thursday, March 14, 2019

Conversica is a leader in business AI and is the only provider of marketing and sales organization leading AI engagement software. The Conversica® AI Sales Assistant is a flagship that helps firms more quickly and efficiently find and secure clients through natural, two-way conversation and automatic contact. Conversica’s sales assistants, which are employed by over 1,200 companies worldwide, are based on a proven and patented AI platform that integrates natural language understanding (NLU), natural language generation (NLG), and deep learning skills.

The AVA.aiTM platform is a backbone behind AI assistants, which automates routine but valuable talks with consistently high quality and higher than humanly feasible performance. Driven by this platform, the company's AI assistants have dynamic human and personalized conversations that dramatically improve the customer experience and lead to better business results. This automation allows the employees to focus on more complicated and productive customer interactions which increase employee efficiency and satisfaction. AVA.ai platform combines the complex interactions of Conversica AI Assistants with people to achieve clients’ business aims and combines a sophisticated set of capabilities, well beyond the easy back and forth dialogue of chatbot, artificial intelligence, automation, and integration technologies of the platform.


Conversica recently won the Aragon research Hot Vendors Awards for 2018 in the conversational AI category and Awar's Global Annual Achievement Award for artificial intelligence in the category 'Best Use of AI for the Natural Language Processing (NLP) or Natural Language Generation (NLG).’ In their research note, "Hot Vendors in conversational AI 2018," Aragon Research first identified Conversica as a hot vendor. Awards.ai describes its Global Annual Reach Award as "the first and largest global artificial intelligence annual achievement award," and Conversica was one out of the 53 awards in the six categories of AI for the best use of NLP or NLG. Conversica has won numerous analyst companies and industry awards and has its headquarters in Foster City, California and is a portfolio company of Prouve Equity, Kennet Partners, and Toba Capital.


Most AI companies use third-party libraries without much customization for conversational AIs. Conversica has taken a different approach and has proven its expertise through its platform. The company brings together the best natural language and learning skills, its own patented functionality in conversational management, process automation, and integration systems, to provide a robust set of autonomous workers who generate own communications, read and comprehend answers, make proper business decisions, and perform the right operations.

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