A guide to build an efficient content marketing team

By Marketing Tech Outlook | Thursday, March 28, 2019

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To explore the advantages of content marketing to the fullest, a specialized and robust content marketing team is essential. The team’s expertise in strategizing the market requirements, and developing a practical plan to achieve marketing goals and target further helps in attaining long-term reputation in the industry. Before diving deep into the operational aspects of content marketing, a complete and reliable content marketing, it is important to form a team of qualified professionals. The content team involves a wide range of verticals such as writing, promotion, editing, designing, analysis, SEO and more, and choosing the right talents who can fulfill the role stands vital. The following are some of the essential roles to be played by the content team.

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• Writer

The writer plays a significant role as the creation of the content to market starts right here. The strategized and analyzed set of topics and a path to research is all that is needed for the writer to build unique content. A writer has the capability of developing any content exclusively satisfying the promotional purposes.    

• Editor

Editing is the next level in a content creation process. Fixing the bugs of the write-up, standardizing the content, proofreading and ensuring the relevance of the article to the purpose are some of the key responsibilities of an editor. Editing the drafts received from the writer, the editor aims at rationalizing the content to meet quality requirements.   

• Promotion lead

This is the role which handles the later part of the content marketing process. Working closely with the production department, which publishes the content online, the promotion head uses various online and offline techniques to reach a large number of audiences. This department helps in coming up with new ideas and tactics to find ways to reach the global audience.


Along with learning about the roles and responsibilities and identifying the right fit to satisfy the professional purposes, it is also essential to manage and monitor the team’s work not only to understand where you stand but also to help bridge the gap between the goals and attempts. 

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