6 Ways for Brands to Fight Ad Fraud in Digital Advertising

Martech Outlook | Monday, November 25, 2019

Ad fraud is a common issue that modern marketers face. Fortunately, there are multiple solutions, which brands can use to reduce the risk of ad fraud.

FREMONT, CA: It comes as no surprise that ad fraud has grown into an increasingly huge problem for the digital advertising industry. It is estimated that fraudsters will steal $5.8 billion from advertisers in a variety of different schemes this year, despite all defensive efforts. As mediums such as audio and video become increasingly in demand for advertisers, the amount of fraudulent activity is expanding in tandem, creating a seemingly worse situation for brands. With brands investing billions of dollars in keeping up with the latest developments in advertising, defense techniques also need to be up to date to combat rising frauds. However, by making just a few changes, brands can identify click fraud, impression fraud, and other potential advertising issues. So here is an action plan for brands.

• Verifying Traffic Sources

Fake traffic is one of the top ways that ad fraudsters swindle digital advertisers. Even though there are many legitimate sources of traffic, such as paid search, brands should not leave any stone unturned. Brands must always question the root sources of their traffic when buying ads. They should also build language insertion orders, as they demand publishers to identify all third-party traffic sources. Testing the traffic sources can help brands see how the inventory is being presented.

• Avoiding Buyers with Concealed Identity

The digital advertising world is complex. The content publisher can hide beneath an unidentified IP address, use a fake profile, or cover themselves under a fake email identity. To ensure the advertising campaign is not rigged, brands must avoid buying from publishers to whom they cannot talk. Buying only from the publishers who have real identities can help brands reduce ad frauds.

• Using Analytics

Brands should always use analytics to find out whether there are patterns in data that point towards fraud. Id brands see an influx of traffic at the same time every day with no corresponding rise in sales, and brands are likely to have bot-traffic invading their site. These bots could be drawing retarget ads, which can quickly drain the brand’s retargeting budget.

• Bullet-Proofing with AI

 Leading companies are using AI to fight fraud. Among the many that AI can do for brands, filtering fraudulent IP addresses, cleaning spam bots, monitoring site traffic, and detecting sophisticated click fraud are the important ones. Brands can also use AI-powered cognitive bot to sieve the fake data, detect spambots, and prevent ad fraud. AI is one of the best mechanisms that can safeguard companies against fraud.

• Monitoring Brand Reputation

Brands should look for customer complaints about their online ads. For this, brands can use social media where the ads are showing up. Customers will often complain about social media platforms if they notice brands advertising on sites that include controversial content. This can be an indicator that the brand's ads are not appearing where they are supposed to be.Top Ad Management Companies

• Keeping Up with Technology

The brand must have multiple ways to combat ad fraud. In recent years, there have been numerous advances in ad fraud protection, and innovations continue to be developed. Brands should be prepared to take advantage of the latest detection methods to assess the quality of their ongoing ad campaigns so they can re-allocate their budgets accordingly.

In today’s digital age, securing brand reputation is not a luxury, but a necessity. It is as essential as investing in user experience, content marketing, or customer acquisition. As ad fraud continues to shatter digital advertising, it is now the time for brands to be vigilant with traffic sources, know and trust advertisers before working with them, and use the right technology to fight against ad fraud.

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