5 Trends Revamping Mobile Marketing

By Martech Outlook | Wednesday, October 16, 2019

The impact of mobile marketing will undoubtedly continue to be in the limelight in the coming years. Given that, leading players keep an eye on the mobile marketing developments to battle for dominance in business.    

FREMONT, CA: Businesses around the world are looking to revamp their marketing efforts to keep pace with advances in technology, particularly mobile technology. Mobile marketing is growing at an incredible rate, where average mobile device conversion rates are very high compared to the average desktop conversion rates. In today’s interconnected world, crafting marketing efforts for mobile users is crucial than ever. The following are key developments in mobile marketing that marketers need to evaluate for refurbishing their digital marketing strategy.

•​ 5G to Change Mobile Marketing Ecosystem

With 4G mobile network setting the stage for more robust video streaming, 5G will bring about better-enhanced capabilities in the mobile world. Faster download speeds will facilitate marketers to dive deeper into interactive advertisements offering richer experiences without network latency for mobile users. 5G’s potential to process data more swiftly is expected to fuel marketers’ capabilities around personalized content and real-time ad targeting. 5G also signals significant opportunities for marketers to develop quality mobile content and better engage audiences.

•​ Social Commerce

Social media platforms are working overtime to create opportunities for marketers to turn consumers’ obsession and time spent into conversions. It is an age of social commerce, where content meets conversion. For marketers, it is the ultimate form of advertising to attract attention and drive consumers to the online store. Marketers are putting their efforts to make social commerce more of a convenient, one-click experience for customers rather than directing them off-site to a lengthy checkout. Marketers will need to adapt to how people interact with social media, using product cards, shoppable pins, chatbots, and other fresh features.

•​ Predictive Advertising

Mobile engagement platforms are using artificial intelligence-powered analytics to offer marketers with insights into customer behaviors and preferences on a large scale. When used appropriately, artificial intelligence can help brands deliver personalized advertisements. Leading brands are already using artificial intelligence and predictive analytics to improve their product marketing. Using a technique called dynamic creative optimization, algorithms can produce ads that are most likely to engage positively with a customer. These mobile ads are personalized according to the user’s previous interactions, demographics, and location.

•​ Voice Technology

Voice technology is among the most disruptive forces to hit the mobile marketing landscape. Voice shopping today is of billion-dollar value. Global brands have already started integrating voice technology into their marketing strategies to build a better connection with their customers. Voice assistants bring a personalized experience for customers by asking questions regarding their preferences and recommending products and services that suit them the most. Brands that want to develop a voice search optimization strategy can provide answers to voice-driven customer queries and reap benefits in the long-run.

•​ Influencer Marketing

Marketing can drive even the most hardened marketer up the wall. Branding, speaking the audience’s language, choosing appropriate platforms for products, and figuring out marketing strategies are some real challenges faced by marketers. Referrals are one of the most effective mobile marketing strategies. Referrals or influencer marketing can create a legitimate following of people who trust the brands. When influencers tell their fans and followers about the greatness of a product, there is a higher chance that their audience will convert into buyers, because customers need the product and a trusted influencer.

In today’s hyper-competitive business landscape, marketers must come up with effective marketing efforts. Out of all marketing initiatives, mobile marketing is heralding a new era in digital marketing. The industry is moving fast, and marketers need to be prepared to leverage new mobile marketing breakthroughs to understand their customers better and cater to the changing needs.   

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