5 Promising Lead Management Technologies CIOs Must Invest in

By Martech Outlook | Tuesday, October 08, 2019

The dynamics of modern marketing are changing rapidly, making it essential for sales teams to embrace technology for optimizing lead generation and conversion processes.      

FREMONT, CA: Drawing customers to a brand involves the nuances of marketing. Today, there are various ways of effectively identifying and acquiring prospective customers, and technology has started playing an indispensable role. The right mix of advanced technologies and sales strategy can help businesses drive customer targeting, segmentation, and engagement for the best sales outcomes. Thus, for lead generation and conversion, marketing teams are now turning towards smart solutions and tools that enhance opportunities while reducing the efforts and the costs involved. Helping CIOs rethink their lead management strategies, the following list mentions a few ways in which investment in technology can empower professionals to improve lead generation and conversion.  

• Data Analytics for Better Content and Targeting

The most efficient way to generate and convert leads is through a data-backed approach. By helping companies incorporate analytics into marketing, CIOs can give marketing professionals the best chance to generate relevant and potentially convertible leads. Robust analytics solutions use customer data to gain insights into buying behavior or engagement with content, which marketing teams can leverage. The insights subsequently allow easy lead segmentation and targeting, resulting in better performance.

 • Automated Lead Tracking and Engagement

Automating some of the important but repetitive tasks involved in lead generation and conversion allows marketing teams to enhance performance. With automation, CIOs can lead organizations towards better marketing functionalities. From tracking leads efficiently, to engaging with customers across diverse channels, automation streamlines and simplifies many tasks. Professionals can cut down on avoidable decision-making by allowing artificial intelligence-powered systems to decide for them. This saves time and makes the work easy while ensuring consistent and relevant outreach through automatically scheduled emails, text messages, and content delivery.

• SEO for Text and Voice Search

A good rank in search engine results is central to good marketing performance. To secure a place among the top results, businesses need to incorporate Search Engine Optimization (SEO) technologies. The growing popularity of voice-based searches is another important factor upon which CIOs should concentrate. Originally, search engines ranked websites according to metrics like content and popularity, making keywords crucial. The same approach cannot guarantee results with voice-based searches. Thus, CIOs should equip marketing departments with the technologies that will enable good performance on search engines even for voice-based search.

• Managing Content with Tech-backed Solutions

In the digital age, content plays a critical role in lead generation and conversion. With relevant and impactful content in place, businesses can easily gain the attention of prospective customers. Technology is now playing a role in optimizing the content. By pushing for the adoption of tools like web analytics, CIOs can empower the marketing department to build customizable content that will result in better customer engagement. Advanced solutions also offer features like real-time adjustment of terminologies so that it is relevant to a prospect's query. The configurability also makes navigation better and influences buying behavior, resulting in lead conversion.

• AI-Powered Sales Assistants

The sales departments are now seeing the increased emergence of technology-backed assistants. These assistants have a variety of functionalities. With advancing intelligence, the capabilities of these bots will see a rapid increase. From processing information to giving recommendations, the AI-backed assistants will play an essential role in streamlining lead generation and conversion.

It is safe to say that generating leads and converting them into valuable customers is now a dynamic process that can benefit immensely by leveraging technologies. With the right foresight, CIOs can provide the essential technological foundation that modern marketing requires.  

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