5 Prominent Mobile Marketing Trends

By Martech Outlook | Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Mobile Marketing TrendsWith people more dependent on their smartphones than ever, mobile marketing has immense potential for businesses.

FREMONT, CA: Marketers are always faced with the challenge of identifying and adjusting their marketing strategies according to the latest trends. Although mobile marketing is not a new aspect in this light, marketers understand mobile’s worth and are increasingly investing time and energy on it. People are more dependent on their smartphones than ever. Whether it is shopping, searching, price comparisons, bill payments, or seeking any information, people are considering their smartphones as a one-stop solution. The marketers are trying to leverage this opportunity but are uncertain over the choice of path that they should take. Here are some of the mobile marketing trends that will undoubtedly increase the awareness of the marketers and boost their reputation among mobile users:


Mobile advertising has seen massive growth in recent times. However, the growth of ad-blocking technology will pose some serious challenges in the region of mobile marketing. Marketers are opting for Google Shopping to counter it. It is analogous to pay-per-click search marketing. However, it ensures that the product shows up even when the customer is blocking ads. According to a report, 52 percent of all paid clicks are a result of these Google product listings. Thus if a marketer can get his products placed at the top of search results, then there are high chances that the advertising budget will pay off.


Increasingly brands are launching their mobile apps and trying to personalize user experience. However, smartphone apps make sense only for some businesses. For instance, lifestyle and fashion bloggers, online news outlets, restaurants, productivity software, and fitness and health perform well with apps. However, it is essential to note that many people still prefer websites over apps. Thus there is no direct answer to whether a business should have an app or not. The key is to identify various factors with respect to the targeted audience, such as their age group, targeted region, all of which can indicate their willingness to be open to the app experience.


Search practices vary as the customers move from a desktop to a mobile device. It’s essential to understand the difference for the marketers with respect to the organization. There are other questions, too, which can influence the search practices among the customers, such as, whether a site would benefit from hyper-local search optimization. According to the Google survey result:

• 76 percent of people who probed for something nearby is likely to visit the place.

• 28 percent of mobile searches resulted in a purchase.

As per Google, its users visit 1.5 billion locations each month influenced by something that they encountered in search results. It further states that 30 percent of the searches on Google are location-specific. It is is a direct indication of a surge in the adoption of mobile devices as the preferred search platform.


A trend that encourages the customers about trying something innovative and new does not always result in more leads. There are newer and more risks associated with new technology and the businesses, marketers, as well as the customers are aware of it. As per a PwC survey, two-thirds of customers are too hesitant to shop on their mobile phone. Mobile apps are not much different, with 61 percent of shoppers choosing to stay away from mobile apps due to security concerns.


Videos drive customer engagement more than other forms of contents. A high-quality video on a site significantly impacts the metrics. As per an estimate, over 75 percent of mobile data traffic is expected from videos by 2021. Such is the potential of video contents that over three-quarters of business executives are actively engaging with them. Thus a mobile marketer must consider video contents in his arsenal for higher customer engagement and ROI.



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