4 Ways to Up Video Email Marketing

By Martech Outlook | Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Effectively planned and managed video email marketing can be a powerful tool for marketers to reach the growing range of audiences through the internet.

FREMONT, CA: Although it may be a little eclipsed by the trendiness of social media, email marketing remains a highly profitable way of driving business. Video email marketing is one of the latest trends prevalent among modern marketers. Video in email is one of the best ways to boost marketing conversions. But to get great outcomes, marketers need to know the effective ways to scale video email marketing. Here is the hint.

• Embedding a Video Thumbnail into Email

Embedding a video thumbnail into the email and then linking to a landing page where that video is live would likely be much beneficial. Rather than keeping leads restricted to watching a video within the email itself, directing the leads to a landing page to find many calls to action will push them further into the sales funnel.

• Marketing Local Events with Video Emails

Whether a brand is hosting a small local event or larger global conference, they should try creating a video email campaign to spread the word. Promoting events through email is effective because it is more like sending an invitation right to the mailbox. Be it a professional video recapping of a past event or an upcoming event, video emails are powerful tools to push those attendees to business. 

• Customer Story Videos

There is no better way to spread word of mouth than with customer testimonial videos. When a brand’s potential customers can see a real human talk about their experience in a genuine manner, the chances of loyalty and a sale occurring are going to be higher. Marketers can never expect a better way to deliver these customer testimonials than with video emails.

• Adding a GIF to Marketing Emails

The thing about video consumption is that short and crisp almost always wins. As customers’ attention span continues to shrink, opt for using GIFs instead of lengthy videos can create a better impact. GIFs can be easily inserted into the email template since the file itself falls under the image category.

As video continues to rise to the top of the list of popular digital marketing tactics, the world will undoubtedly witness more of it in email marketing in the coming years.

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