4 Ways How Social Media and SEO Work Together

By Martech Outlook | Thursday, January 09, 2020

By leveraging the right strategies as part of social media marketing, brands can raise their search engine ranking and increase visibility.

FREMONT, CA: With the rapid evolution of social media, social media marketing has become crucial than ever. However, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a significant source of traffic that leads brands to improved business. So, which is more important, social media or SEO? The answer is both. This article will give an understanding about how these two can work together to improve brand visibility.

• External Link Building

Shares do not automatically increase brands’ ranking in search engines, but they do spread the content farther. Increased social shares mean enhanced visibility, and that means more people are likely to link back the brands’ content. Search engines do take into consideration the visits to the webpage and the amount of time people stay on the page. So, creating high-quality content that is shared across social media platforms can help improve brands’ search engine rankings. 

• Social Awareness

How customers view the brand is essential, and social media can help expand this reach. When information about the brand is shared on social media platforms, customers can connect to the brand and industry. When interested searchers look for more information about products or services the brands offer, they are more likely to search for the company directly, thereby improving brand visibility.

• Creating a Mobile Audience

Today, search engines are recognizing the importance of social media in providing the content that customers are looking for. As a result, search engines are giving customers information from social media platforms when they come looking for the content. Search engines are currently collaborating with social media platforms to improve search indexing and increase visibility, making social media posts even more important for raising brand awareness for the company.Top SEO Tech Consulting/Service Companies

• Online Reviews

Online reviews are now a critical part of building a brand’s search engine presence. Through social media, brands can encourage customers to post critical reviews, which can help in improving brand presence. Today’s customers are looking for social proof—mostly reviews from other customers about products and services—to make the purchase. Quality reviews can bring more customers to the business, while poor reviews can have negative impacts.

Social media is more than just a vehicle for directing customers to the brands' websites. They are a critical part of the SEO strategy, which makes it easy for the brand to bring organic search results and create a satisfied customer community.

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