4 Ways How CIOs can Improve Content Marketing

By Martech Outlook | Tuesday, October 01, 2019

Advanced technologies can make content marketing an extremely potent tool, which is capable of driving sales significantly.   

FREMONT, CA: For most of the businesses today, content marketing has become one of the most preferred ways of engaging customers and boosting sales. Driven by digitalization, the content-based approach is quickly becoming a core concept in marketing. Content marketing involves the use of informative blogs, videos, podcasts, and several other resources through which companies share information with audiences and customers, building a valuable business relationship. Technology can enable companies to assess content before and after it is published. While the value of analytics, automation, and other such advanced technologies is already known to CIOs, they find wide application in content marketing. By drawing up technology-backed analytics capabilities and deploying solutions that optimize intelligent marketing content, CIOs can enhance the rate of success for promotional campaigns that their companies undertake. Some ways in which technology can add value to content marketing are mentioned below.

Generating Useful Insights to Evaluate Content

Advanced analytics capabilities can provide companies with real-time insights into optimizing marketing content across several platforms. Once the material is released, marketing professionals can monitor how it fares. Tech-based solutions equip companies to accumulate information about the number of views, the number of likes, the number of shares, and the duration of viewing. These metrics are then used by analytics engines to deliver insights regarding the success or failure of the content in engaging the audience. Based on the results of analytics, companies can modify and improve content marketing.

• Pre-release Content Optimization

Solutions that enable companies to enhance content while it is still being developed are even more valuable than the ones that provide insights about their post-release performance. These tools are created with the motive of optimizing content by verifying for crucial metrics and factors like the presence of keywords, clarity, correctness, and consistency. In content marketing, companies must propagate reliable information that aligns with brand values. With artificial intelligence solutions, content can be analyzed and modified to ensure appropriateness and accuracy.

• Automating Distribution and Improving Targeting

While content plays a central role in content marketing, other aspects like targeting and distributions also remain critical. Content marketing is highly specific in nature, which implies that every bit of content might not appeal to everyone in the audience. Thus, categorizing customers through analyzed behavioral patterns before creating content is essential. Automation solutions for distribution can help companies deliver content efficiently across channels, thereby enhancing its reach.  

• Visual Appeal

Content marketing needs to catch the attention of audiences first before the content can actually make an impact. Thus, visual appeal is as crucial to content marketing as the content. Technology can add an edge to make run-of-the-mill content and make it marketable. Sometimes, generating quality content becomes difficult owing to circumstances. In such situations, marketing teams can bank on sleek and modern visual techniques to draw and engage the audience. The technologies of AR and VR are also finding their way into the content marketing space, creating exciting content marketing opportunities in their wake.

From helping marketing teams in scheduling campaigns to optimizing posting and reposting on social media platforms, technology can play a defining role in propelling content marketing towards better rates of success. It is high time for CIOs to identify and implement solutions to make content marketing intelligent, generating better returns on investment in the process. 

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