4 Ways Email Marketers can Benefit from User-Generated Content

By Martech Outlook | Tuesday, April 14, 2020

User-generated content is proven to help email marketers overcome the challenges in a scalable and sustainable way.

FREMONT, CA: No matter how big or small a brand is, or the service it provides, the company will have fans who love what it does. Those customers or brand loyalists can preserve and improve the social identity of the brand. This means that the content they generate—from reviews to social media posts—can help the brand stand out and grow. Today, user-generated content in email is being leveraged in exciting ways. Here is how brands use user-generated content in the email.

Using Photos

One of the easiest ways to integrate user-generated content into email marketing strategy is to use photos of a customer enjoying product and service. For instance, brands can run a contest to get customers to post pictures and offer rewards to the person with the winning photo. This strategy will increase engagement with the brand by encouraging customers to interact, and it is an effective method to raise brand awareness.

Focusing on Customer Reviews

A customer review is an option for user-generated email marketing. To begin with, positive reviews can act as a valuable form of social proof. Most consumers today trust online reviews. Marketers can send emails to consumers after they have received a product. Brands can also wait for the user to have little time to get familiar with the product or service, and then send them an email asking for feedback. This feedback can also be used in email marketing.

Turning Shopping Cart Abandonment into Sales

Shopping cart abandonment is a problem that poisons most online retailers. Customers visit the site, add some products to their cart, then exit the site before completing the purchase. In this case, email is often the most effective way to keep those items top of mind and bring that person back to complete the purchase.

Celebrating Community of Passionate Customers

Social networking sites have become the go-to place for people to post about the brands they like. To boost the collective enthusiasm of customers' social posts, brands need to start cultivating that community beyond social platforms.

Email is still one of the effective tools in marketers’ toolkit, aiding marketers to inform, engage, and sell. User-generated content helps to avoid the lack of compelling content, inability to create personalized experiences, and difficulty in creating meaningful connections with customers.

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