4 Steps to Ensure that Email Marketing is Legal

By Martech Outlook | Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Email MarketingCompliance with email marketing laws keeps brands out of trouble and helps them win customers’ good grace.  

FREMONT, CA: With all digital marketing tactics at disposal, brands may be wondering what the importance of email marketing is. Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach and engage customers. It is incredibly quick and easy to get started, but before sending out email campaigns, it is worthwhile to have an understanding of email compliance. Not complying with the law can cost a lot for brands, and it can also endanger the company’s reputation. Here are some tips for brands that will help them implement email compliance.   

• Complying with All Anti-Spam Laws

With email marketing, brands can reach out to anyone in the world, and offer their products and services in the global market. But the challenge is that regulations differ among nations. If the emails are not country-specific, a brand should comply with different international email laws. The easiest option for doing global email outreach is to comply with all anti-spam laws to make the emails compliant wherever the brand sends them.

• Storing Consent 

Consent is the freely given agreement that is provided for each purpose of sending emails. A brand’s responsibility is not only to ask for consent but also to store the valid proof of it. Brands can make a system where they can keep everything from storing consent up-to-date.

• Offering Opt-Outs

All international email laws agree on opt-outs. Brands can provide their leads and subscribers with an option to unsubscribe from receiving emails. Brands should also make sure that the opt-out process is not complicated, and it respects customers’ wishes in a timely manner. Most of the email automation tools in the market today have a built-in opt-out mechanism.

• Revealing Identity and Being Honest

Brands should never hide their identity. Email recipients need to know who is emailing them. In the signature part, brands can add details about the company. Providing physical email address can also help customers know more about the brand. Also, brands should not mislead the recipients. Whatever the brand is proposing should be clear and simple. When crafting the subject line, marketers should make sure to choose the one that reflects the content.Top Mobile Marketing Solution Companies

The limit of freedom goes as far as one does not obstruct the freedom of others. Authorities have enforced laws and regulations to protect their citizens from privacy and data breaches. And yes, looking at compliance from another perspective can help brands add value to their email marketing. 

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