4 Incredible Ways to Build Brand Loyalty through Social Media

By Martech Outlook | Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Customers can connect with brands through social media in a way like never before. This provides a unique opportunity for brands to founding loyalty through social media marketing.

FREMONT, CA: Consumers have endless options when it comes to things they wish to buy, and yet 90 percent still report being brand-loyal. In the past, loyalty grew from a liking of a product or service. While that still proves true in many cases, a loyal customer today expects something in return. Today, brand loyalty can be cultivated with the help of smart social media engagement. So how exactly do marketers build loyalty through social media?

Creating a VIP Customer List

Spreading the red carpet for customers might appear like an over-the-top idea for brands. Creating a VIP program with ideal customers can help enhance brand awareness. This also means that such select customers are highly important to the brand. Instead of looking at VIP customers as simple sales amplification tools, brands can encourage them to contribute by posting as a guest on social media platforms or sharing content across all networks. Reward programs can keep a brand’s best customers loyal and returning.

• Creating a Customer Community

Building brand loyalty starts with a conversation, and social media engagement dos it all. For brands, mixing customers through social media chats is a great way to build brand loyalty. With this, brands can connect with people, peers, and many others. Through social media chats in the customer community, brands should bring in new topics based on current events or customer interests. When brands offer thoughtful and engaging topics, the customer will get attracted. Community chats can enhance conversation, so those who are involved in chat can cultivate a real and impactful relationship with brands.

• Offering Easy Route to Reviews

Today consumers read online reviews to make purchasing decisions. Through social media, it is easy for consumers to find information about a brand, and if there is a single bad experience, it could prevent customers from coming through the door. One of the best ways to tackle this issue is taking social media reviews seriously and putting effort into getting the best customers to showcase their experience with the brand. Giving customers an easy route to read and post their thoughts can build brand loyalty and shines a positive light on the business. Social media reviews are all about getting the happiest customers to speak on the brand’s behalf. If a brand has customers who truly enjoy its services, brands can teach them how to talk on the brand to enhance word of mouth.

• Showcasing Business Operations

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Social media has the unique ability to pull back the curtain on a brand’s business operations. When a brand showcases all that makes it unique, consumers tend to trust that particular brand more. Giving a glimpse into how products are made or shipped can highlight the aspects of the company that others might not do. Sowing detailed content on such behind the scene actions can help customers get a better picture of the brand that ultimately translates into brand loyalty.

Loyal customers are not just interested in a brand’s product. They are interested in the broader impact the brand is making. Therefore, brands have to provide unique methods that speak to the experience the customer has with the brand. Brands have to build loyal tribes who will go above and beyond for the brand. With social media, brands can better understand customers and streamline marketing efforts to get customers involved with the brand. The difference between a customer and a loyal customer lies in the effective use of social media.

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