4 Emerging Trends in Influencer Marketing

Debra Morgan, Marketing Tech Outlook | Thursday, September 09, 2021

Whether the need comes from followers, brands, or new technological advancements, influencers are emerging to the new trends. 

FREMONT, CA: Influencers continue to be a hot topic on social media, and by the looks of it, one can expect to keep seeing more sponsored posts flooding social media feeds. With increased popularity, demand, and firm spending on influencer marketing, it is safe to say that people can expect new and exciting things in the coming years. According to social media experts, here is a round-up of predictions and top influencer marketing trends in 2021.

• Video Content

The increase of video continues to be an ongoing trend in the influencer marketing sector. However, with the increasing popularity of video platforms and the introduction of social media leads, it is expected to be more collaborative and creative than ever. Instagram influencers keep viewers more engaged, and a stronger authenticity makes people feel more human and part of the activity.

• Diversity and Inclusion

2020’s increase in social activism gave birth to a lack of diversity in influencer marketing. With several brands being held accountable for tokenism or unfair pay, many content creators were vocal about how their requirements to be more represented in influencer marketing.  Representation matters because it inspires and can alter the way people see themselves and how they see the brand. Representation in every creative sector is vital, but especially in content creation and influencer marketing because it can alter preconceived ideas.

• Aesthetics Evolving

Authenticity on the social media platform is an effective means to build a digital community, and it’s translated over to social media aesthetic trends.  In 2021, there will be an increase in bloggers and influencers using this trend. With a focus on authenticity, users will apply subtle edits to their photos to create an in-the-moment and unedited look into their lives.

• Value-Driven Content

In 2020, influencers and brands took a step back from perfectly curated feeds to get more real with their followers.  With a continued push toward fuelling deeper connections and relationships, coming from users and social media posts themselves. Influencers have started creating more value-driven content and are offering their audience a real glimpse into their lives.

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