4 CDP Tools that make Digital Marketing Effective

By Martech Outlook | Thursday, November 28, 2019

Digital MarketingEasy access and effective utilization of customer data through CDPs can give a real push to digital marketing initiatives. 

FREMONT, CA: In the age of digital marketing, customer data has attained unmatched value. By analyzing customer data, marketing personnel can gain a deep understanding of customer expectations. Targeted and personalized digital marketing campaigns are possible only when customer data is available and managed effectively. Customer Data Platforms (CDPs), which support unified digital customer information databases, are becoming one of the integral parts of the digital marketing ecosystem. CDPs that have data diversity can create well-integrated customer profiles by combining customer attributes. CDPs can become considerably valuable by virtue of the availability of the following features in them.

• Data Unification

CDPs should be highly effective with data unification. The CDPs should contain the infrastructure that allows seamless consumer data collection. When client data is collected into integrated digital repositories, it becomes easier for marketing teams to detect interrelations. Thus, CDPs should ideally have features that allow easy access to data warehouses and tools that can unify critical data points.

• Real-Time Data Analytics

The CDPs that contain built-in analytics capabilities have a lot of functionalities. Such CDPs empower companies to combine customer data management capabilities with customer data analytics. Analytics generates immediate insights that marketers can utilize in designing campaigns.

• 360-Degree Client-View

A comprehensive view of each individual client can take marketing capabilities to the next level. CDPs equipped with the technology to create comprehensive client profiles, empower better segregation and targeting. The deep understanding that client profiles offer is essential to push repeated purchases and enhance customer lifetime.Top Customer Data Platform Solution Companies

• Automated Attribution

Automation has taken a position of precedence everywhere. Automated attribution tools in CDPs help marketers to evaluate the success or failure of their marketing campaigns. Cross channel attribution capabilities are essential to obtain visibility of today’s dynamic digital marketing ecosystems.

Together, these features help digital marketing firms leverage customer data to drive meaningful interactions, a high rate of conversions, and unmatched customer retention.3

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