4 AI-Based Startups Innovating Marketing

Debra Morgan, Marketing Tech Outlook | Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Artificial intelligence-based marketing startups are gaining popularity as their offerings find massive adoption across the globe.  

FREMONT, CA: The promising potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has already brought massive transformation in various industries. From revolutionizing the early ways of business operations to upgrading existing services and products, artificial intelligence encourages budding startups to develop high-tech marketing solutions. The growing demands of tech-savvy customers for smart applications and instant services create massive competition in the global market. Today, AI-powered startups are coming up with advanced marketing solutions. Read on!   

1. Phrasee

Phrasee specializes in natural language generation system that includes generation of millions of human-sounding, brand-compliant copy variants at the touch of a button. The company combines the benefits of artificial intelligence and machine learning to tailor algorithms and target customers across the globe. Phrasee develops customized algorithms for various businesses and generates effective marketing languages for the audience. With this advanced language generation system, organizations can increase their customer database regardless of the different regions and languages. With the ability to expand the customer reach and understand their demands more accurately, Phrasee lets the business professionals build data-driven strategies and improvise their existing business models efficiently.

2., the automatic instant scheduling network allows business professionals to save many hours of emailing and scheduling business events. The company offers smart network, which connects with the organizations' calendar and instantly books meetings across the network with a single click, word or command. Integrated with AI assistant, calendar page, and personalization feature, the advanced scheduling network simplifies the business collaborations and communication processes. can efficiently book meetings in natural languages, initiate instant coworkers’ connections, enable time zone conversion, actively follow-up for the response, and handle multiple participants easily across the network. The advanced network frames unique, customized dashboard with every details and report, schedules, and agendas of the meetings. The virtual platforms developed by help the organizations maintain the speed of their projects operations.

3. Tamr

An enterprise data unification company, Tamr offers master data management tools to combine, consolidate, and classify siloed enterprise data using artificial intelligence. Tamr's data management platform can ingest structured/semi-structured data. The advanced tools and services offered by Tamr help the organization unify and access valuable insights. The company provides API-oriented architecture, which can be deployed quickly into the organizations' work system to solve massive and growing data challenges. The smart platforms and services can solve the complex data tasks, enhance the data management processes, and improvise the data mastering workflow. Tamr uses a model-based approach to data integration with reduced cost and time to onboard the new data source. The real-time matching capabilities ensure accurate data reporting.

4. New Engen

New Engen offers customer acquisition platform that helps the marketing teams drive revenue growth for their organizations. By combining the features of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and predictive analytics, the offered advanced platform can dynamically test, optimize, and review multi-channel marketing campaigns for the organizations. The company helps marketers to create a cross-channel marketing program that triggers rapid growth through marketing experimentation. New Engen’s marketing platform enables the instant filter, sort, and search operations to highlight cross-channel insights and trends based on the organizations’ metrics and goals.

In recent years, AI-based marketing startups experience massive reorganization across the global market. Utilizing artificial intelligence for business marketing proves to accelerate the organizations’ brand value. Today, marketers are focusing on exploring smart solutions that can fuel their business growth and tackle the challenges of the digital world. Artificial intelligence continues to influence new-age entrepreneurs to explore numerous marketing solutions and services for the future market.     

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