4 Advantages of Cloud-based Event Management System

Debra Morgan, Marketing Tech Outlook | Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Moving the event management solution to the cloud platform comes with several advantages.

FREMONT, CA: Cloud-computing is taking over the globe, with about 94 percent of global enterprises leveraging cloud services to manage their workloads. Firms are massively turning to the cloud to store and handle their data, and the event sector makes no exception. Many event organizations now depend on centrally stored event and customer data across all departments, comprising sales and marketing, event management, operations, and accounting and finance. Leveraging a cloud-based solution presents many benefits. Here are the top benefits of using a Software as a Service (SaaS) for the event management system.

• Reduced IT Cost

As firms will need less time for maintenance, the IT team can focus on vital tasks, such as process enhancement rather than fixing issues. When managed in the cloud, software solutions get regularly updated with the release. The organization always has the latest version available while the IT department is spending their time on what matters.

Top 10 Event Management Solution Companies - 2021• Business Continuity

People work in a flexible, agile, and increasingly spontaneous environment. When running a business, leaders need to be prepared for anything to avoid unexpected downtime. The pandemic that has impacted the global economy has led several venues and event organizations to revamp their internal operations and move away from their legacy on-premise systems to have business continuity.

• Data security

Data security is vital for any event organization’s business success. Besides ongoing concerns around data security in the cloud, such services have proven to be more dependable than most on-premise solutions. Cloud-managed services, therefore, focus on strict security guidelines: Disaster recovery and back-up regulations to ensure that data is safe. Simultaneously, solid threat management prevents event and customer data from being harmed in any way.

• Scalability

As the event business grows, the demand for additional resources may evolve at some point. Thanks to the Cloud, it is seamless to add to the event management system's size and power, for instance, additional users and storage space. The IT department will appreciate this task being less time-consuming than an in-house and on-premise deployment of the event management solution.

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