3 Ways to Revivify Email Marketing

By Martech Outlook | Monday, January 20, 2020

Here's how marketers can drive email marketing to bond with valued supporters like never before.

FREMONT, CA: Have you been toppled over wondering how you can find out if your charity email marketing campaigns are performing well? Well, the answer to understanding and improving campaign performance is simple: test and track! Email remains the pivotal element when it comes to charity marketing, even in the age of digital channels like social media and virtual assistants. Studies from Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor revealed that email-open rates for charity events account to around 20-25 percent compared to a universal open rate of 6 percent. The study proved that good causes make a big impression in people's inboxes even now. Here's how marketers can further bolster email performance to build stronger relationships with valued supporters.

• Rock Solid Strategy                      

Marketers must have well-defined strategies for every email campaign that is to be sent out. A marketer must know the emails that will fit into a bigger picture of the other brand campaigns. Target audiences are the key to any successful marketing, hence drawing the appropriate audience is a must.

• Personalization

It is essential to make the audience feel treasured. Personalization is the best way to attract the audience and make them feel unique. Audiences, too, want to read what is relevant and is a subject of their interest. Emails should be customized in a way that attracts the viewers and engages them.

• Email Design Optimization

Email marketing starts with people who visit a concerned website. The goal of the marketers should be to shift visitors' focus right to the opt-in form, drive interest, and motivate them to subscribe. Centering more on the first words of the preheader is the key that will be displayed on every device by every email client. Emails should be designed correctly and in an attractive manner. The email should catch the eyes of the reader.

Email marketing is now an essential component of marketing, and marketers should make sure that the audience can connect with the marketing campaigns.

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