3 Ways Technology Is Shaping Event Management

By Martech Outlook | Thursday, November 19, 2020

Path-breaking technologies make it easier for event managers to organize great conferences and meetings.

FREMONT, CA: Unlike previously, people seemingly prioritize event managers concerning an event. Whether it is the releasing ceremony of a multinational company or a wedding night, event providers' role on occasions is vital. This is because of the rapid changes happening within the industry over the last few years. As technology evolves with the industry, solution providers modernize events more. And due to these advancements, the event industry has grown exponentially.  That being said, here is a discussion on the key technological trends and how they are shaping the event management industry today.

• Improved Event Registration

Buying an event ticket was considered a very tiring process. The participant had to find the offline vendors for getting a ticket, stand in a queue, and then buy the ticket. Mobile technology penetration has greatly altered this game. Tickets are now available via mobile apps or websites.  Technology has also made registration more engaging. The audience prefers using the pre-event registration process, and it gives the flexibility to choose a seat, gets parking space pre-booked, opts what all talks about attending, and many more.

• Enhance Event Efficiency

Technology is one of the vital factors to generate efficiency. Organizers and participants save time by deploying technology innovation in event management. Some applications enable users to register, book seats, plan the event, and reschedule the whole plan. Digital payment platforms have made money transfer seamless. Unlike the pa decade, digital payments are not limited to account transfer only. This cashless mode of payment has also altered the retail space altogether. The attendees can pay using the wallet everywhere in the event.

• Better Event Experience

Event organizers focus on improvement. Technology allows the organizers to stay in touch with the attendees, media, sponsors, and other authorities. This enables to gain insightful feedback. It also makes sure that the attendees feel valuable after the event. Technology tools provide a great opportunity to run seamless marketing technology. Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are must-have event technology. Free wifi availability allows everyone stays connected. Therefore, companies are focusing on getting sponsors who provide free wifi. This means improved ROI in terms of new customers.

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