3 Ways Marketing Automation Enhances ROI

By Martech Outlook | Tuesday, November 05, 2019

Marketing AutomationHere's a detailed look at how users get an excellent return on investment from marketing automation.

FERMONT, CA: Today's marketers look from an entirely new perspective at marketing automation, representing more than just supporting and transforming the customer through the sales funnel. Automation is concerned with creating detailed strategies to communicate meaningfully with consumers throughout the entire product lifecycle at every stage of the customers' decision journey. Optimization of the product lifecycle is a major advantage for marketing teams across industries. Technology-backed marketing automation solutions are gaining momentum because of their advanced features, such as targeting customers with timely messages based on their current buying journey. Here's how marketing automation increases business-wide returns. 

Establishing a Lead Scoring System

The lead scoring system enables the identification of the leads as either warm or cold, before passing them on to the sales team. An automation tool is used to define what quality leads look like and how they behave. For B2B marketers, the obvious considerations of job title, sector, sales, employee size, and budget may include significant scoring criteria. But now, with advanced marketing technology, lead scoring is expanded to include actions to be taken, such as viewed pages, time spent visiting the site, interactions with social media, and email clicks. 

Smart Lead Forms for Building Contact Profiles

Rather than having contact forms with 10+ fields, progressive profiling will be helpful to improve conversion rates and gather additional information about the customer contacts over time. Each contact form submission is a chance to learn more about sales prospects.

Increase Closure Rates

It is no longer the duty of a lone salesperson or sales group to close a deal. As the purchase process becomes more complicated for customers, marketing, and sales activities across the entire funnel play into a company's close rate. As a prospect moves through each phase of the sales funnel, marketing automation allows companies to systematically enhance each stage, ensuring that leads are given the greatest chance of closing as they progress towards purchasing.  

Integrated marketing platforms allow for a completely new intensity in data acquisition, lead generation, and customer interaction.

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