3 Trends Driving the Event Industry in 2021

Martech Outlook | Monday, March 01, 2021



Streamlining operations, learning new skills, and simplifying programs is a must for event organizations to thrive in the post-pandemic world.

FREMONT, CA: The past year has revolutionized the way the world looks at events. The quick shift from in-person events to virtual as the pandemic took hold to the forward-looking move to integrate hybrid events as in-person events return. The meetings and events sector has adapted swiftly. Virtual and hybrid events are here to stay and, alongside conventional in-person events, will become fixtures in most go-forward meetings and event programs. With that in mind, technology will move to the center, and the demand to simplify and modernize processes will become vital for event success. Here are some of the trends to keep an eye on.

• Virtual Events

It’s no secret that the event industry has adopted virtual events. In a recent study, 76 percent of planners said that they are going virtual. For a growing number of attendees, technology has become the new venue. As firms embrace the potential to exponentially increase their reach, and as technology enables for new digital engagement levels, virtual events, followed by hybrid events, will become fixtures in most firm’s marketing mix and a staple of a total events program even as in-person events come back online.

• Blend of Planning and Marketing Skills

With the evolution of virtual and upcoming hybrid events, there will be a demand from marketers and planners for advanced technology. As events have moved into a digital event execution, it needs a new blend of planning and marketing mindsets and skills to boost their reach and gather the data and insights that will boost their value. Planners are being asked to get involved in production or marketing, and several marketers are being asked to get more involved in events.

• Increasing Importance of Efficiency and Control

As industries recover, they can’t afford to waste money on redundant systems.  Managing the costs and the risk has never been more essential. By having event data, attendee data, and spend information centrally handled all in one place, the events program is better prepared in case of future event disruptions. The problem for several organizations is that there’s a roadblock to success in disparate point solutions and integrations.

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