3 Tips Tailoring Conversational Marketing Blueprint

By Martech Outlook | Monday, December 16, 2019

Conversational Marketing BlueprintBrands that strive to make each interaction authentic and personalized with conversational marketing will be well-positioned to increase brand awareness and conversions.

FREMONT, CA: Email, instant messenger, text messages, voice mail, and almost every platform for communication has eventually found its way into marketing campaigns for brands around the globe. This is the basis of conversational marketing—the one-to-one correspondence between the brands and the customers. The conversational trend lets brands boost responsiveness and qualify leads at a fraction of the time and effort required by traditional approaches. So it is time for brands to explore implementation opportunities across their sales and marketing funnel. Here is the blueprint.

  • Creating Offline Bots

Customers today increasingly prefer talking to humans instead of chatbots. Conversation with a live human through online chat is two times more likely to offer a better experience than a chatbot. But brands cannot always have an agent available to resolve customer queries or welcome new leads. This is where conversational marketing comes in and, a bot can inform the customer of the unavailability of executives and offer service once an agent is available. This can build trust while maintaining engagement even during offline hours.

  • Swap Outmoded Landing Pages

If a prospect wishes to download a report or a product brochure, they are generally directed to landing pages. A landing page is low on content, which primarily aims at collecting details from the prospect to qualify as a lead. Using a conversational marketing tool on the landing page can collect customer data, share the download link, and ask the prospect to keep the conversation on. 

  • Streamlining Customer Support

Streamlining customer support using bots is frequently adopted by e-Commerce brands and online service providers, given the huge volume of customers they manage every day. The conversational bot can manage product updates, returns, cancellations, frequently asked questions, and other interactions that follow a predetermined flow. As a result, the brand’s contact center becomes more efficient, with live agents talking to customers on a more engaged and involved basis.

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