3 Tips for Running a Sound Multi-Channel Marketing Plan

Debra Morgan, Marketing Tech Outlook | Thursday, October 22, 2020

Launching a multi-channel marketing campaign should be a no-brainer, and the execution of it can be painless with the right tools and approaches.

FREMONT, CA: In today's increasingly mobile economy, consumers connect with brands across multiple platforms and channels. To stay continuously engaged and connected to consumers, brands must widen their marketing reach across all platforms. This is called multi-channel marketing, a brand's ability to reach customers across various channels, whether online, in-store, social, or another channel altogether. A multi-channel marketing plan is important to today's marketers because customers now can be in multiple places at once, regardless of their location. Here is how to create an effective multi-channel marketing plan.

Top 10 MarTech Consulting/Service Startups - 2019• Keeping Track of Customers

Data is marketers' friend. Nowadays, most brands keep robust dashboards full of follower, customer, and subscriber analytics, which are effective tools for building a successful multi-channel marketing campaign. Marketing metrics are vital for the attraction, engagement, conversion, and retention process, and marketers can hope to achieve these through multi-channel marketing. Without data, it's difficult to optimize the messaging and the channels to reach the right people, with the right message, at the right time.

• Using Automation Technologies

A multi-channel marketing strategy is only as good as the technology that powers it. To keep up with consumers, marketers need a powerful automation solution. Automation uses data integration to identify and qualify leads, to trigger events that signify a lead is ready to engage and to send out messages to people. Marketing automation tools fueled by customer insights can couple with every channel and handle the heavy lifting of engaging on those channels.

• Leveraging CRM System

Speaking of data, the CRM system is a treasure trove of valuable insight, offering holistic views of individual customers and leads. CRM solutions integrate with marketing automation tools to offer the insight that powers those communications and ensures their relevance. Marketers can track which channels and devices the prospects and customers' use, which brands they engage with, where they do their research, and where they make purchases. This lets brands interact with them exactly when, where, and how they want them to, boosting the multi-channel campaign's efficacy.

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