3 Programmatic Advertising Trends Ruling the Years Ahead

By Martech Outlook | Thursday, November 07, 2019

Programmatic Advertising TrendsTo keep pace with the programmatic advertisement space, advertisers will have to be even more customer-centric and sensitive in their approach to innovations.

FREMONT, CA: Advertisers worldwide are ready to invest billions of their digital ad spend in programmatic advertising. In fact, programmatic channels are becoming an essential medium for digital marketers worldwide. What does this mean for digital advertisers? What does the future of programmatic advertising landscape look like? Read on to know.

• Digital Out Of Home (DOOH)

Out-of-home advertising is one of the oldest advertising channels, and its digital manifestation, DOOH, combined with mobile location data, is redefining how marketers address the crucial last mile between online and offline. DOOH promises a direct impact on the speed and scale of conversions when it comes to closing the gap between advertising and purchasing. Advertisers can expect more in the years ahead, as programmatic in DOOH will facilitate targeted audience planning, with increased efficiency, brand safety, and precision. 

• Personalization

Programmatic customization is now a standard practice, which allows the advertising team to improve performance and provide higher relevancy with personalized messaging. The availability of a vast amount of data means that advertising creatively can attract more customers. One of the significant benefits of personalization in programmatic advertising is that it generates a lot o quick feedback, which allows marketers to optimize ads in real-time and change what is in front of consumers’ eyes at a rapid pace.

• Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Audience management is already a maturing space, with marketers connecting the dots between audience selection, targeting, and campaign optimization. AI and machine learning help programmatic advertising by sifting through vast volumes of data in real-time to find patterns, predict outcomes, and give suggestions to each customer to move further in their buying journey. AI-based programmatic advertising has captured the attention of advertisers significantly over the last few years.

Programmatic advertising is evolving rapidly both in terms of its scope and the technology that powers it. With further advancements in the space, advertisers will be able to venture deeper into their consumers’ minds to offer relevant and better products and services. 

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