3 Modern Marketing Ideas for Banking

By Martech Outlook | Saturday, March 07, 2020

Banks can significantly benefit from modern marketing ideas that revolve around customer-centric outcomes.

FREMONT, CA: A key objective for any successful financial marketer is to focus on enhancing the customer experience across channels and with each communication. Modern customers will no longer fancy poorly targeted marketing communications. Enhancing marketing communications from the consumers’ perspective can only enhance growth. Below are some of the most influential marketing tactics for the banking industry.

Pay Per Sale (PPC) Ads

Banks can opt for PPC search ads for marketing. These PPC ads will enable banks to describe their services and products that they offer. PPC ads will also contain the bank’s location and contact information. Some customers may reach out to the bank’s website but will not avail of services yet. Such types of customers will be retargeted through display PPC ads showcasing them what they are missing.

Countering Ad Blocking via Relevant Content

Consumers are utilizing adblocking tools to avoid being flooded with digital marketing messages. If financial product marketing strategies gain dominance as against delivering improved customer experience, all financial firms can end up losing. The answer to ad blocking is to provide relevant content that offers value in return for accessibility to the consumer. The ad experience for the customers must become a priority for banks to enhance marketing efforts.

Leveraging Newsletters

Using newsletters is one of the primary ways to reach the past, present, as well as future clients of banks. The reason why customers fancy a newsletter is that it's a convenient means to stay connected. To keep clients even more interested, banks can leverage an informal and personal style while sending newsletters to the customers. It will offer clients with a sense of personal connection that is preferable over a formal style, which may not include a positive connection.

Financial marketers must consider the above trends within all strategies, objectives, and tactics. Such marketing efforts will be the key differentiator in the future.

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