3 Mobile Marketing Trends Marketers Need to Catch

By Martech Outlook | Friday, July 31, 2020

Marketers are becoming smarter in the way they put marketing efforts together, and mobile technology is following.

FREMONT, CA: The impact of mobile marketing advancements will continue to come into focus in 2019 as markets mature and key players battle to dominate. As consumers are in constant awe at the many smart and unique ways, brands are able to reach them through their mobile phones. Customer’s devices are constantly with them, making them an invaluable channel for brands to message customers as well as to track them and understand their personal likes, motivations, and behavior. Mobile is the most significant area in many brand’s marketing strategies, and with mobile technology advancing exponentially, here is five mobile marketing trends that will shape the years ahead. Top 10 Customer Data Platform Solution Companies - 2020

• Renaissance with 5G

With cellular networks continuously improving and deals with 5G network companies, it’s looking ever more likely that customers will soon have access to speedier internet everywhere they go. With faster internet and load times, marketers using higher quality creative formats will become real. Creative used in mobile marketing campaigns can be of higher quality and resolution, with potential interactivity becoming accessible to all. With its launch and continuous improvement, 5G will be able to load videos of cinematic quality and length in a matter of seconds.

• Using Voice Technology

The adoption of voice technology is higher than some marketers are aware of. It’s high time marketers awoke to the possibility of users completing the entire purchase journey using only voice commands.  Security measures will need to be implemented to avoid any fraudulent activity, and brands need to be more transparent about how the process works. They also need to make it clear, if and when voice searches are recorded.

• Advertisement Enhanced with Augmented Reality (AR)

AR has the potential to accelerate past online, TV, and print advertising. With this in mind, more brands today are incorporating AR into their marketing strategy as it delivers that extraordinary experience that other advertising formats can’t compete with. AR is presently used in successful marketing campaigns. There is even room for AR to be incorporated in the in-store check-out process and digital billboards that cover a large area.

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