3 Key Applications of AI Enhancing Hubspot Capabilities

By Martech Outlook | Friday, November 08, 2019

AI Enhancing HubspotAI capability can enable marketers to extract invaluable insights from the customers’ data collected by the Hubspot software.

FREMONT, CA: Hubspot facilitates inbound marketing by enabling marketers to target potential customers and generate more leads and sales. Hubspot focuses on influencing customers with content that is both relevant and helpful. Hubspot software may be crucial in forming warm connections with the customers. However, impacting customers at a deeper level will require the assistance of technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI). AI’s incorporation in Hubspot software can be crucial in simplifying the customer’s journey and creating a better user experience. Here are the aspects where AI can enhance the effectiveness of a Hubspot.

Generating Leads

Marketers have always found it challenging to generate leads using inbound strategies. Lead generation is a key marketing element, and companies have struggled to leverage it. The new Predictive lead scoring allows the system to actually look into the customer database and determines the probability of lead conversions. AI makes predictive lead scoring highly accurate and effective.

Content Development Strategy

AI algorithms analyze existing blog posts and HubSpot pages and come up with new content development possibilities. New topics can be generated using such algorithms. Thus, the automatically generated content can be used to optimize human resource requirements significantly. Automatic content generation is extremely useful in areas such as weather forecasting, where the everyday content structure is almost the same. It also allows optimizing and organizing and existing content. 

Improved Recommendation

One of the key features of Hubspot is that it enables marketers to provide customized content to the customers based on the personal data of the cuTop marketing automation solution companiesstomers. Automatic promotion of the next recommended product or a blog for the visitors can significantly enhance the content marketing strategies. AI can offer invaluable contributions when it comes to offering content recommendations. The powerful algorithms of AI extract precious insights from the data gathered by the Hubspot software. Based on the insights, customers can be served with highly personalized content recommendations.

AI-enabled Hubspot software can allow marketers to boost their content marketing strategies significantly and connect to a larger customer base.

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