3 Features Making a Great CDP Platform

By Martech Outlook | Monday, June 08, 2020

A great CDP platform takes marketing further by providing user-specific content affinity, advanced data-processing ability, and an intuitive user interface.

FREMONT, CA: Customer Data Platform (CDP) is having a moment. The growing buzz around CDP shows a sharp increase in interest among marketers. Because CDP has a great deal to offer and solves critical problems facing marketers today, now it has more vendors with over $300 million revenue, $700 million funding, and better than 50% annual growth as per reports. This abundance of vendors makes it essential for marketers to choose the best among them all. Here are some features that make a great CDP platform.  

• Self-Learning Algorithms


As a centralized customer data repository in the middle of firms’ marketing tech stack, CDPs are well-positioned to offer customer behavioral trends and predictive insights those individual marketing tools. Having access to robust data science can be used to evaluate many data sources, and this makes the marketer’s life much easier. The CDP system continuously learns without the marketer having to pre-define and re-define arbitrary rules. Great CDPs will have built-in self-learning machine-learning algorithms to create data insights.

• User-Specific Content Affinity

Content marketing is a crucial part of marketing strategy, but marketers need to match relevant content to individual users to make positive outcomes. CDPs can help out with this using machine learning t categorize marketer-defined keywords, track topic-based affinity levels for each customer, and quickly build affinity-based audiences that deliver marketing results. 

• Ease of Use and Flexibility

CDPs are incredibly efficient because they allow marketers to create an audience segment and sync it across various marketing tools. This might sound a no-brainer, but a great CDP platform must be intuitive for anyone to use. If building the audience segments is a frustrating and daunting process, firms are less likely to do it. So, CDP platforms must offer an organized and intuitive user interface that will continuously improve the user experience.

Marketers aiming to be as data-driven and customer-centric as possible must consider all the above features when investing in CDP. Surely, this will help marketers find the right solution for their unique organizational contexts.


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