3 Emerging Trends in CRM to Look Out for in 2021

Debra Morgan, Marketing Tech Outlook | Monday, March 15, 2021

CRM’s integration with other technologies is expected to help enhance customer experiences by leaps and bounds.

FREMONT, CA: A customer relationship management (CRM) software uses technology to devise strategies to analyze customer data and drives growth. Cloud-based CRM solutions help the organization enhance its customer service relationships by efficiently tracking, filtering and handling customer data in real-time to provide actionable insights across several smart devices to get more sales and grow their firms. CRM has become the one-stop solution that assists businesses in making data-driven decisions to enhance sales and boost business revenues. Here are some emerging trends in CRM.

• Artificial Intelligence 

Top 10 Customer Relationship Management Solution Companies in Europe - 2021CRM analyzes several data to allow personalization of customer experiences. Many CRM tools offer businesses access to data from many touchpoints across several departments and channels like sales, marketing and contact centres to devise strategies. Businesses can expect AI-powered CRM platforms to throw light on real-time customer behaviors to provide insights into buying patterns and allow possible conversions. 

• Voice and Conversational User Interface

Voice technology is vital to the advancement of SaaS solutions. A study says that voice technology says that around 94 percent of users consider voice technology seamless to use. Voice Assistants help sales personnel track customer data quicker and update their teams about the same. SAP, another CRM solution provider, has implemented voice technology. More CRM solution providers are forecasted to follow suit and incorporate voice technology into their operational procedures and interfaces.

• IoT Technologies

Experts expect IoT to revamp CRM activities in the future. The world would be flooded with more than 64 billion IoT devices by 2025, from smart home devices to wearable health monitors to cybersecurity scanners. Firms are increasingly leveraging data created from IoT solutions to enhance overall customer experiences. Embracing IoT will provide CRM platforms deep insights into customer usage and behavior to devise personalized marketing strategies while offering enhanced customer support. Customers can leverage IoT devices to inform firms on the performance issues of the product. Thus customer engagement stands to benefit from the merging of IoT and CRM technologies. 

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