3 Emerging Digital Marketing Trends in Europe

By Martech Outlook | Wednesday, February 19, 2020

The increased compliance overheads and an ever-increasing need to connect with the customers, is fueling the innovative digital marketing approaches in Europe.

FREMONT, CA: Marketers are today faced with a variety of new advancements every other day. In Europe, just like anywhere else in the world, digital marketing has gained massive traction. However, digital marketing in itself is not undeterred by the changes. Even in the space of digital marketing, new innovations are emerging, and old ones are disappearing. Rapidly transforming technologies and a constant churn in customer expectations are the major reasons behind the waves of transformations running through digital marketing in Europe. The following list contains some of the major developments in digital marketing trends throughout Europe.

Compliance Impacting Efforts for Targeted Marketing

The ease of availability of customer data has been the major reason behind the success of digital marketing. Digital marketing depends on user information to incorporate targeted marketing campaigns via numerous digital channels. However, new data privacy compliance, including that of GDPR, is leading to a shortage of third-party data sources. Thus, for European digital marketers, data collection efforts need to evolve. Marketers are now leveraging technology-driven solutions to transition from indirect means to compliant and transparent means of data collection.

Value-Driven Digital Marketing Campaigns

Comprehending customer sentiments has always been a key aspect of digital marketing. Merely creative and targeted campaigning efforts cannot guarantee success in digital marketing. Instead, a campaign that also depicts values that matters to customers is becoming essential. Thus, European marketers can add an edge to their campaigns by aligning digital marketing campaigns with customer values.

Evolving Role of CX

The link between digital marketing and customer experience is poised to gain strength in Europe. With the increasing impetus of marketers on building campaigns around customer relationships, there will be a growth in demand for CX professionals in the marketing sector. Moreover, CX initiatives will have an innovative approach that will be driven by the use of analytics solutions.

In the pursuit of determining the sweet spot, digital marketers in Europe are adding value to their marketing campaigns and modernizing their operational models.

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