3 Effective Loyalty Programs every Email Marketer Must Consider

Debra Morgan, Marketing Tech Outlook | Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Email marketing can benefit largely from personalized loyalty programs, which are tailored to cater to individual customers.

FREMONT, CA: Loyalty programs have gained traction in the past few years for various reasons. Apart from the many benefits that customer loyalty programs have for the companies, they have also become an expected part of the customer experience. Email marketing is considered one of the most effective mean s of marketing in modern times. Thus, brands are designing their loyalty programs in accordance with their email marketing campaigns. 

Around 63 percent of consumers prefer to receive communications from their favorite brands via email. According to Campaign Monitor, loyal customers are more likely to portray a positive brand’s image among their friends and loved ones, thereby making email loyalty programs even more attractive for this particular group of audiences. Here are some of the key customer loyalty programs that will go well, along with email marketing.

VIP Status

VIP is one of the most common customer loyalty program ideas and is being used by thousands of businesses. The reason for its popularity lies in the fact that customers are more attracted to VIP status as it is automatically linked with the idea of getting benefits. According to a report, 69 percent of consumers accept that their choice in retailers is often influenced by where they can earn a reward program or customer loyalty points.

Anniversary or Birthday Perks

Individual recognition is a powerful aspect of email marketing. Personalization is also an essential factor that influences customers. Combining customer recognition and personalization in email marketing programs can reap huge benefits for marketers. For instance, customers can be offered a birthday club incentive where they can be provided with special promotional offers. Such personalized offers can significantly enhance customer loyalty.


Gamification is another popular email loyalty program idea. Brands are encouraging their customers to stay engaged and loyal via an in-app game, a “click-to-play” mobile ad, and contests for specific rewards or points. Thus, gamification keeps the excitement factor alive along with facilitating better engagement as well as customer loyalty.

The potential of email marketing will largely be influenced by the effectiveness of loyalty programs. Marketers have realized this fact and are constantly trying to enhance customer experience through attractive loyalty programs.

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