3 Benefits of Cloud-Based Digital Signage

By Martech Outlook | Friday, January 10, 2020

The cloud-based digital signage is marketers' new companion, as it is less expensive to set up, and easier to maintain.

FREMONT, CA: Smart marketing is, to its best, investing advertising dollars in activities that catch customer attention. As brands plan their marketing strategies, they could consider reaping the benefits of digital signage. Digital content is now a primary trust source when customers consider new purchases and or searching for best deals. It is an interactive gateway that allows brands to communicate with customers. Currently, there is a talk about incorporating cloud in digital signage. Here is why.

• Scalability

Leading cloud service providers handle auto-scaling and load balancing of bandwidth so that customers add more screens and content, and they won't experience data bottlenecks. Whether customers want to have simple slideshows running on a single screen or stream high-definition videos onto multiple screens, cloud-based digital signage can come to help. Cloud will allow brands to pay for additional bandwidth and storage spaces as their needs increase. And unlike on-premise options, expanding networks would not panic the IT crew.

• Easy Implementation 

Not only is cloud-based digital signage a better deal in terms of money, but also in terms of time. Getting a system might be as simple as installing a screen preloaded with required hardware and software, connecting to the internet, creating content, and letting streaming start. This will free employees to spend time focusing on a company's core competencies, rather than struggling with a system they have a difficult time understanding.

• Cost Efficiency

Cloud-based digital signage is evidently distinguishable over on-site in terms of cost-efficiency. If the brand wants to host its own digital signage network, that company will need to purchase and set up its own server system. They will also need to allocate IT resources to run and maintain the servers. With cloud-based digital signage, the installation and maintenance cost is meager. Providers may even give users a free trial period so that they can decide whether to invest or not. Besides, the brand's IT department will not be held responsible for keeping the servers running, but the service providers will be.

Surely, cloud-based digital signage is a solid choice for many reasons. Early adopters can definitely nurture their marketing efforts and bring more business. 

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