3 AI-Driven Tech Trends Guiding Conversational Marketing

By Martech Outlook | Tuesday, December 10, 2019

AI-Driven TechAI offers a myriad of opportunities to marketers to enhance individual customer experience through conversational marketing.    

FREMONT, CA: Conversational marketing is aimed at engaging with customers and prospects in real-time. Such a marketing strategy tends to enhance personalization for individual customers. Marketing firms are using chatbots to have human-like personalities and offer service to web visitors without the requirement of manual intervention. Artificial intelligence (AI) can play a significant role in this aspect. The ability of AI to make predictions using data makes it useful incorporation in conversational marketing. AI can be used by the marketers to predict what is most likely to trigger customer response. Further, AI can process vast amounts of data and deliver useful, actionable insights for the marketers that are eyeing conversational marketing. Here are the potential applications of AI in conversational marketing. 

AI-Enabled Website Chatbots

Most marketers are trying to leverage chatbots for conversational marketing. Coupled with AI, chatbots can save marketers' time, enhance marketing capabilities, and even unravel new lead generation channels. Chatbots can easily answer common questions of the customers in real-time. For instance, chatbots can be programmed to answer common questions. When a visitor places a question on a firm's website, pre-programmed software can search the website for answers and deliver an instant response.

AI-based Email Assistants

Despite chatbots being useful incorporation in terms of conversational marketing, website visitors may not particularly fancy the idea of messaging a bot. On the other hand, AI sales assistants act like humans and engage with the customers professionally, promptly, and persistently. The email address might seem like a coworker and even have a human name. Such platforms may not replace the work of the sales team, but they can certainly amplify the existing capabilities and create new opportunities.Top Mobile Marketing Solution Companies

AI Messenger Assistants

AI can make brands seem more personal and human through AI messengers and chatbots. The AI-based messengers can engage in automated conversations and make personalized recommendations for individual customers. The messenger bots can also educate the customers while answering to the customer queries, thereby boosting the prospects of conversational marketing. 

AI, coupled with other technologies, can significantly aid the marketers in engaging customers, thereby adding to the cause of conversational marketing.

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