2 New Marketing Surveys Out by Demand Spring

By Martech Outlook | Monday, July 13, 2020

Demand Spring, a marketing agency, has released two surveys to better understand the post COVID world.

FREMONT, CA: Demand Spring is a revenue marketing consultancy, which has launched two surveys. Both these novel surveys help the world understand how marketers are adapting to working from home, and the impact of the pandemic on a lot of organizational martech stacks.

Keeping in mind the COVID crisis and all the trouble created in most industries, Demand Spring has considered all of the reasoning and evidence as to how the changes affect marketing organizations. The company believes that the insights drawn from these surveys will give the opportunity to get a bit deeper into more clearly interpreting how these changes are impacting marketing teams and personnel.

With the MarTech Stack featuring the Pandemic survey, Demand Spring would envision the analysis of how COVID-19 has affected technology spending in the marketing field. The Working from Home survey would aid Demand Spring in unveiling how marketers have accustomed to working remotely during a global pandemic and the challenges faced.

Demand Spring is a leading Revenue Marketing agency that helps marketers and organizations involved in marketing stand taller in the market. The company’s team of Revenue Marketing Strategists, Content Marketers, and Marketing Technologists help the clients in transforming and bettering their marketing practices, strategies, and skills to deliver unparalleled customer experiences, and reap high revenue.

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