Nasmedia: Executing Expert of Ad-Tech-Based Successful Advertising Campaign

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Today, the increasing use of mobile and wearable devices has significantly changed the marketing landscape. Brands are struggling to effectively connect with the audience through all these devices in real time. As a result, it has become quintessential for companies to handle and combine technologies, such as big data and AI, with their ad tech solutions to create a successful marketing campaign. This can provide them with precise targeting and cost efficiency by operationalizing automatic optimization and bidding.

That’s where Nasmedia can help. Since its foundation in 2000, the company has accumulated advanced operational know-how and vast data through numerous advertising campaigns. In particular, Nasmedia was incorporated into Korea Telecom (KT) in 2008. The active joint research and development with the parent company enabled it to have a variety of cutting-edge advertising technologies and constantly release new solutions.

In recent years, as the importance of big data and AI technology has been skyrocketed in the advertising market, Nasmedia is continuously securing big data and AI specialists to gain technological competitiveness in the advertising platform business. Based on this manpower, it is applying the technology to various businesses of the advertising platform through joint R&D with KT Convergence Technology Research Center, which has the best big data and AI technology in Korea. These achievements have enabled Nasmedia to expand its scope not only to the KR market but also to the global market.

One of Nasmedia’s key offerings is its data management platform (DMP) that can be used for precise advertising targeting or advertising efficiency improvement by accumulating and analysing vast ad response data. The solution makes it possible to integrate and analyze the audience data owned by Nasmedia and KT Group's other financial companies, credit card companies, and commerce companies. Therefore, Adpacker can provide differentiated targeting advertisement products by expanding the audience pool.

In addition, through this real-time big data analysis technology, machine learning technology was applied to Admixer, an AD Exchange that can trade global advertising traffic. It can support accurate and efficient traffic transactions between about ten connected countries and 100 DSP and SSP.
Nasmedia also has been continuously making efforts to prevent ad fraud traffic in the advertising market. Since 2015, when even 3rd party trackers had no solution to ad fraud traffic, Nasmedia developed and applied an ad fraud traffic prevention system to all its ad platforms, starting with Nswitch, a performance ad platform.

Currently, by evolving this, real-time traffic prevention technology—based on machine learning and advertising efficiency optimization technology—is applied to the platform business. This has positioned Nswitch as the No. 1 performance advertising platform in global markets such as JP and Southeast Asia, in addition to the KR market.

Nasmedia has also developed a CPS advertising platform specialized for commerce advertisers with its advanced ad-tech technology called Nbridge. It has solved the existing market problem of efficiency degradation due to excessive traffic inflow and expensive tracking fees. By applying Nasmedia’s home-grown AI technology, the solution provides high profits to both advertisers and media with a high purchase conversion rate through media recommendations—specific to advertisers and products.
  • Nasmedia is continuously securing big data and AI specialists to gain technological competitiveness in the advertising platform business.

That’s not all! Nasmedia has launched Nstaion, a reward advertising platform, by utilizing their vast audience data. It is also challenging new products that incorporate the concepts of audience targeting and retargeting—something novel to the existing reward advertising market.

In addition to the headquarters in Korea, Nasmedia is promoting the expansion of global branches in Japan and Southeast Asia, starting with the Thai subsidiary. Cumulative sales of this advertising platform business division recorded 156 billion by 2021 and are expected to exceed 200 billion by 2022.

Meanwhile, Nasmedia has expanded into global agency business and commerce in addition to the advertising platform business and is expected to exceed 1 trillion in billings by 2022.
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Byungjo Kim, Executive of Strategy Department for Business

As a digital media rep, Nasmedia has expanded its media coverage from Internet advertisements in 2000 to mobile advertisements; digital broadcast advertisements, and digital outdoor advertisements