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Nuno Andrade, VP of Strategy, Media CultureNuno Andrade, VP of Strategy
Traditional advertising agencies and their digitalfocused counterparts have historically worked in silos. However, in today’s world, the line between the two has been blurred. That’s why communication among traditional teams and the experts responsible for managing digital campaigns has become essential to create a unified strategy to purchase multichannel media and measure the outcomes.

This is where Media Culture can help. Media Culture has built a multichannel marketing practice that is truly holistic—one channel does not feature more prominently than another, and equal investment is made on resources across channels, whether that be in the form of people and/or tools.

With an extensive legacy in the direct response television space, Media Culture is positioned today as one of the premier players within the multichannel marketing space. It understands that DRTV remnant media can be utilized not only to sell widgets for $19.95, but also to build long-term brand equity. The agency delivers revenue with the understanding that not all products or services have short sales cycles that can be impacted overnight.

“By utilizing our multi-touch attribution (MTA) models, we provide clients with context to how their media channels impact each other on an ongoing basis,” says Nuno Andrade, VP of Strategy at Media Culture.

This is complemented with the agency’s media mix modeling (MMM) capabilities, which can forecast the impact of an investment and provide strategic context into ongoing planning.
As a “brand response agency”, Media Culture’s primary concern is building a client’s business today while not discounting its long-term growth. That’s why the company works as an extension of its clients’ business.

The majority of the team has experience measured in decades and works with a goal to drive long-term value and build equally long-term relationships with its partners. The agency’s approach is to understand a client’s pain points, both from a media as well as an execution perspective, in order to attain the desired outcome.

For example, when a major retailer of fitness equipment came to Media Culture due to a drop in sales and market share, the agency quickly identified that their previous agency had an over-reliance on Television advertising. And the TV plan was also composed of airings on small, low-reach, cost-efficient networks. Media Culture revised the client’s TV buys and, through its MMM approach, decreased the advertiser’s reliance on a single channel and moved budget to underserved channels like Paid Search and Programmatic. In addition, by diversifying the media mix, the brand was able to identify significant efficiencies in Paid Social channels like Facebook and Instagram that weren’t previously being utilized to their fullest potential.
  • “By utilizing our multi-touch attribution (MTA) models, we provide clients with context to how their media channels impact each other on an ongoing basis,” says Nuno Andrade, VP of Strategy at Media Culture.

Having helped many such clients by combining years of experience with proprietary tools, Media Culture went through a rebranding in June of 2021 to reinforce its new positioning and plans to continue to build custom solutions for its advertiser partners. As part of that, Media Culture’s investment in data science methodologies and platforms, as well as business intelligence tools (and the people to manage them) will continue. “In an era of platforms and automation, our roots remain people-based, whether in the form of building meaningful relationships with our clients or procuring the right strategic talent. It is the collaboration between people and tools that separate us from the competition,” concludes Andrade.
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Media Culture

Media Culture

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Nuno Andrade, VP of Strategy and Christena Garduno, CEO and Founder

Media Culture is a consumer-centric brand response media agency that drives continual growth for its clients with strategic, innovative, and performance-driven media campaigns that engage and inspire consumers to convert.