Max Connect Digital: Leveraging Real-Time Customer Data to Develop Personalized Ads

Phil Case, President and Chief Client Officer , Max Connect DigitalPhil Case, President and Chief Client Officer
According to Statista, more than 24 billion devices will be generating consumer data by 2025. This prediction perfectly highlights the value of customer data within the digital marketing landscape. Digital marketers must ensure the information is always up-to-date to extract real value from consumer datasets. Only through real-time data collection and analytics can businesses deliver personalized and targeted ad and marketing campaigns. This is a challenging feat in this ever-changing marketplace.

Acquiring real-time consumer datasets to curate personalized and dynamic ads is the boutique digital marketing agency, Max Connect Digital. Through its proprietary platform, Kudos, Max Connect offers a marketing BI interface that delivers enhanced visibility into acquiring actionable insights from realtime customer journeys. Empowering Max Connect's platform is its marketing technology-infused services, which gather customer engagement elements through social media, search engines, websites, product pages, or organic discoveries to attain effective conversions.

Max Connect allows clients to compare their ad performance for clients and quickly benchmark channel performance across multiple industries: automotive, retail, e-commerce, home services, healthcare, real estate, and higher education. This comparison gathers real-time inputs to better understand customer journeys and the mindset of various audiences, providing a holistic view of all channels and driving well-informed positioning of personalized ads. Max Connect performs intensive research to comprehend clients' past and current online activities. They then take this research to create effective digital advertising campaigns.

Max Connect can also extract realtime data from top sources which include Oracle, American Express, Visa, Google, Facebook and YouTube, to empower data-driven analysis. The agency is able to implement a digital strategy that adapts to consumer actions on websites, social platforms, and internet devices in real time, delivering customer experiences tailored to their changing preferences.
Max Connect offers highly customizable motion graphics and animated ads that enable businesses to develop campaigns that answer consumer questions, portray an exceptional brand story, and add a compelling narrative dynamic to their needs. Essentially, Max Connect creates an experience relevant to consumer thoughts and helps brands effectively use the best-suited digital channels to leave a lasting impression on their target consumers.

"We help digital marketers achieve optimum engagement by deploying engaging campaigns across highperforming geographies. These campaigns convey information on the touchpoints most effective in lead conversions and boost brand recognition," says Phil Case, president and chief client officer of Max Connect.

When collaborating with clients, Max Connect follows a real-time, data-centered approach. The team of digital market experts evaluates their client’s brand potential before developing personalized ads. This team takes full accountability for managing the performance of a business' ad campaigns, ensuring impactful outcomes.
  • We help digital marketers achieve optimum engagement by deploying engaging campaigns across high-performing geographies. These campaigns convey information on the touchpoints most effective in lead conversions and boost brand recognition

The success story of a Phoenix-based client looking to optimize their BMW dealership's sales through effective marketing perfectly substantiates the impact of Max Connect's digital advertising. Initially, the client's performance benchmark was selling 80 BMWs per month. After collaborating with Max Connect, its consumer analyticsinfused ads helped overcome their monthly sales streak. The ads developed during the collaboration were directed to interested buyers and procured the sales of 251 cars in the first month of service without exceeding the client's budget.

Max Connect continues to prioritize the transitions of cookie-less internet, first-party data, and attribution models to augment and segment target audiences and deliver truly personalized and dynamic ad campaigns. Much of the future of marketing will be a hyper-personalized experience with brands that seamlessly transitions from the digital to physical retail world.

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Max Connect Digital

Max Connect Digital

Draper, UT

Phil Case, President and Chief Client Officer

Max Connect is a boutique digital powerhouse using a real-time consumer data set with personalized and timely dynamic ads executed by digital experts to exceed performance in the industry. All its campaigns are powered by a real-time intent platform to identify target audiences based on real-time in-market data, demographics, psychographics, and online intent.