Furious Corp: The Shift from Growth to Optimization for Media

Furious Corp: The Shift from Growth to...

Ashley J. Swartz, CEO,Furious Corp

YouAppi: Maximizing Return on Mobile App Advertising

YouAppi: Maximizing Return on Mobile...

Moshe Vaknin, CEO and Co-founder,YouAppi

Pegasystems [NASDAQ:PEGA]: AI-Powered Marketing

Pegasystems [NASDAQ:PEGA]: AI-Powered...

Alan Trefler, CEO,Pegasystems

HubSpot [NYSE:HUBS]: Revving the Power of Lead Generation

HubSpot [NYSE:HUBS]: Revving the Power...

Brian Halligan, Co-Founder & CEO,HubSpot [NYSE:HUBS]

Contentsphere: Product Experience Evolved

Armin Dressler, CEO,Contentsphere

Where do we Start? A View of Technology's Role in Building Brands

Douwe E. Bergsma, CMO-Consumer Business, Georgia-Pacific

Audience Acuity: Identify. Target. Market.

Riad Shalaby, CMO and Jeff Berke, CEO,Audience Acuity

QuickPivot: Gateway to the Marketing Strategies of Tomorrow

QuickPivot: Gateway to the Marketing...

Bob Boehnlein, CEO,QuickPivot

FuelX: A Truly One-Stop-Shop for Advertisers

FuelX: A Truly One-Stop-Shop for...

Mike Villalobos, Vice President of Sales,FuelX

Keyper Marketing: The Next Level of Digital Marketing

Keyper Marketing: The Next Level of...

Preston Hanisko, Founder & CEO,Keyper Marketing