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Dick Tam, CEO, m-FINANCE Limited, m-FINANCEDick Tam, CEO, m-FINANCE Limited
Keeping traders happy and loyal to the brokerage firm in today’s aggressive trading market is more challenging than ever. As traders have access to information and data, brokers are under tremendous pressure to ensure that trading commissions, spreads, and trading costs are competitive. With that said, for brokers to still generate revenue and be profitable, one of the critical factors is to reduce operations costs. However, as most forex/bullion brokerage companies are stuck with siloed systems and traditional administrative approaches, they still struggle to gain information from multiple sources, meet regulations, manage operational costs, and gain a competitive edge. Consequently, the customer experience of trading companies is taking a toll.

Helping such forex/bullion brokerage companies to manage all their Introducing Brokers (IBs) and clients efficiently through its sophisticated cloud-based CRM system is m-FINANCE’s forte. Apart from the one-stop management CRM systems, the company also offers other platforms to help brokers convert manual administrative work into automated processes while making operations more cost-effective. Using the m-FINANCE CRM, tedious tasks such as rebate calculation and margin in/out approval can be automated to allow the company to spend more time and resources on market expansion and sales-related projects. “We know the difficulties brokerages face when trying to catch up with the times and also the foundation that different brokerages will need in order to build a strong basis for a long-term business and we here at m-FINANCE can offer a one-stop solution for them to succeed,” states Dick Tam, CEO of m-FINANCE.

The X factor

Discussing the factor that sets them apart from the crowd, Tam says, “The uniqueness of m-FINANCE CRM is its allrounded architecture and tailor-made capabilities in the sense that it could fit for small scale to enterprise level companies.”

What makes m-FINANCE stand out from other software/ web developers is that the company started as a trading platform service provider with a fully developed trading platform as their core product. The experience of building an entire suite trading platform from the ground up with broker’s business needs at its core enables m-FINANCE to provide peripheral products that enhance trader experiences and be able to position the CRM to protect brokers through various risk management functions and optimise brokerages via cost-effective and low maintenance features to allow them to succeed in their business.

m-FINANCE’s background of being based in Hong Kong also gives it a wide exposure compared to other companies located elsewhere; as Hong Kong is a global finance hub which allows m-FINANCE to be familiar with and stay up-to-date to the international standards, but also well connected to the Chinese market as well as the SEA region.

Finding a new approach or market trend is also a big part of differentiating brokers from their competitors. When new ideas emerge, a partner who can customise and implement ideas to specialise a CRM is also very important, and with m-FINANCE’s strong and experienced development team, realising brand new ideas and features can be achieved swiftly and cost-effectively.

A trailblazer in the Trading World

The “m” in m-FINANCE stands for mobile. More than a decade ago, the company envisioned that the future of trading could become more efficient and accessible via mobile technology. With that idea in mind, they started a business that would combine trading and mobile technology and m-FINANCE’s journey began.

The company’s ultimate mission is to take the trading world online. m-FINANCE achieved this goal in its first project itself.

The uniqueness of m-FINANCE CRM is its all-rounded architecture and tailor-made capabilities in the sense that it could fit for small scale to enterprise level companies

m-FINANCE helped a local leading broker transition from the traditional trading style via outcry and phone dealing with real-time online trading by providing a fully functional real-time trading platform (trader terminal, dealer terminal, back office, price server). From there, m-FINANCE’s product line began to grow with the trading platform at its core. From the initial version of mobile trading, solutions such as liquidity, customised mobile apps, risk management tools, report modules, social trading, and CRM were eventually added to m-FINANCE’s offerings to help enhance broker experience and help businesses grow.

One-Stop-Shop Management of Trading Operations

Developed exclusively for facilitating forex/bullion brokerage companies, mF CRM System assists IBs in streamlining and standardising the operation processes, reducing costs, improving efficiency, and increasing customer retention. With m-FINANCE’s CRM system, brokers can manage and monitor unlimited levels of IB tree structure to enable them to grow their business without any hindrances from the software side. Clear information and summary reports allow IB to identify trading behaviours of their clients, and added summary reports can help IBs pinpoint products that are not being traded as much to help them come up with business plans to help push trading volume from clients. In addition, clients can access all of their personal and trading information via the CRM trader portal and also be able to manage their wallets/funds to initiate margin in/out requests and operate all functions in real time.

What’s more? The powerful cloud-based CRM system integrates seamlessly with the MT4, MT5, and mF trading systems. It has a full-fledged affiliate system with multitier rebate capabilities that allow brokerages to grow their business rapidly. By introducing new functions to cater to different business models, the mF CRM system can help brokers manage their entire business effectively while reducing trading risk.

Another primary reason why m-FINANCE becomes the go-to partner for trading firms is because of its round-theclock support as well as a wide variety of products that can help enhance the brokers’ offerings to their clients. “On top of our CRM system that helps to manage and consolidate information for clients, we also offer valueadded services such as fully customised mobile APPs to help brokerages build their brand and community and full suite social trading products to help engage their traders to automate trades. Our copy trade solutions can also cater to both more advanced traders as well as new traders who are just picking up trading,” explains Tam.

Besides, m-FINANCE also offers hosting services for clients who do not have their tech team and helps clients handle all of their server, network, hardware, and securityrelated concerns while letting brokerages focus on the business side of their company.

The Road to Excellence

With such capabilities, m-FINANCE has helped several brokerage firms manage trading operations effectively since its inception. In one instance, the company helped the Chinese Gold & Silver Exchange (“CGSE”) develop its new electronic trading system. As CGSE was established in 1910 in Hong Kong and had a history of more than 110 years, the vendor screening and selection process were highly rigorous. m-FINANCE, with its rich market experience, strong technical knowledge, and superb industry reputation, was finally nominated as the technology provider for this project. “This project was quite challenging and looked highly impossible as we had only four months’ development time to develop a brand-new exchange trading system from scratch. But with our dedicated development team plus our domain know-how and excellent cooperation from the client, we made this project a great success,” extols Tam.

m-FINANCE primarily accredits its success to its highlyskilled team and its dedication to clients’ well-being. With 20 years of expertise and deep industry knowledge in the forex and bullion business and a professional team 24/7 around the clock, m-FINANCE is confident that both old and new businesses looking to either expand their business or to start a new venture can find the perfect tailored solution for them to help them achieve their goals.
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Dick Tam, CEO, m-FINANCE Limited

The company offers a wide range of robust products developed exclusively for facilitating forex/bullion brokerage companies to efficiently manage all the Introducing Brokers (IBs) and clients