KiZUKAI: Next-Gen Tools for Profitable Customer Experience Management

Kozo Yamada, CEO of KiZUKAI. , KiZUKAIKozo Yamada, CEO of KiZUKAI.
Subscription-based businesses thrive on customer retention, which translates to recurring payments and revenues. Customer experience (CX) is a top priority to increase customer lifetime value (LTV). These businesses must effectively integrate customer data to optimize solutions for each user segment and nurture relationships with them. However, the complexity of ever-changing customer behavior has companies of all sizes struggling to profitably leverage consumer data. Comprehending these challenges, KiZUKAI offers its next-generation CX management (CXM) platform to structure this vast amount of data and monitor customer behavior in real-time to boost customer LTV and generate more revenue. Equipped with various automated data functionalities, it enables businesses to visualize customer analytics in forms that are easy to assess and centrally monitor and manage changing behaviors in response to the existing measures that impact their revenue.

KiZUKAI’s CXM Platform, with its built-in RevOps, enables companies to improve their CX and manage the validation of profitability and upselling. Its scope of assistance to businesses lies between a data warehouse that stores and integrates siloed customer behavior data and a marketing automation tool that takes appropriate action on subscription users with cookie data. The platform includes features like a KPI dashboard and automated targeting, which helps businesses identify and focus on customers likely to cancel their subscriptions.

Businesses can automatically monitor the effectiveness of measures for a customer’s LTV in real time and score them according to self-defined metrics, like upselling rates, through AI scoring. With appropriate communication for each consumer segment — like reward points for subscription users with higher upsell scores, KiZUKAI’s customers are able to send promotional content to users who are with lesser scores via SMS, call centers, or emails — businesses can achieve costeffective high conversion rates. The CXM platform can also segment customers based on their frequency of use, preferential products, and content, which streamlines customized data-driven operations for each customer, increasing repeat rates and reducing churn rates.
“Our proprietary algorithm scores the churn rate by leveraging AI that studies the behavior of previously canceled subscribers. The key to high accuracy scoring is data cleansing and optimization of calculation conditions, and KiZUKAI’s database structure with preprocessing,” says Kozo Yamada, CEO of KiZUKAI.

Developed with the help of KiZUKAI’s extensive experience in CX, these features enable clients to gain an in-depth understanding of their customer’s requirements. Businesses can leverage the platform’s recommendation engine and target display products likely to be purchased as pop-ups to each consumer segment.
  • Our proprietary algorithm scores the churn rate by leveraging AI that studies the behavior of previously canceled subscribers. The key to high accuracy scoring is data cleansing and optimization of calculation conditions and KiZUKAI’s database structure with preprocessing

KiZUKAI’s attention to detail and flexible response to businesses’ every challenge leads to its clientele reporting substantial improvement in the profitability of their customer base. For instance, a business successfully increased their upsell rate by more than five percent by communicating promotions via calls and emails to appropriate customer segments determined by the platform’s AI scoring function. KiZUKAI improved profitability by increasing repeat purchase rates and enabled them to target prospects more receptive to upselling at lower cost and manpower. This increased sales by millions of Yen. It also extends additional services to ease clients’ journey in achieving revenue-generating CX. It includes listening to their concerns, providing additional services to ease the implementation of the platform, and after-sales follow-up.

The Japanese word ‘kizukai’ translates to paying attention. However, the actual meaning of the word goes beyond just paying attention and encompasses the essence of Japanese culture; behave well to keep good relations with your counterparts. KiZUKAI offers its clients the core of Japanese culture by simplifying complex consumer behavior data to provide a seamless customer experience and cultivate positive relationships through its platforms and services while increasing profitability
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Tokyo, Japan

Kozo Yamada, CEO of KiZUKAI.

KiZUKAI is a SaaS-based business established in Tokyo, Japan in 2016. Its next-generation CXM platform allows subscription-based businesses to monitor their customer base, increase upsell opportunities, and reduce churn rates.