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Joerg Schneider, Global Head of Sales and Supply, JustPremiumJoerg Schneider, Global Head of Sales and Supply
Over the years, there has been a considerable decline in marketing creativity and how brands convey their stories through digital advertising. For at least a decade the focus of the whole industry was solely on automation and massive scale. The result is an overflow of ad units that overwhelm people with messages that neither matter to them nor are engaging.

Especially in the ongoing pandemic, the audience has matured in their media consumption in general, and this change in perception means that advertising has to be meaningful and impactful again. Instead of bombarding the audience with products, meaningless slogans and buzzwords, brands’ strategies need to be centered on the people. Brands must deliver memorable stories through engaging content in the right environment. “It’s about creativity, delivered in the right context” begins Joerg Schneider, global head of sales and supply at JustPremium.

JustPremium, intends to go beyond pure fill of advertising slots, with meaningful messages meticulously designed to engage with the users in creative ways. The company, that was recently acquired by GumGum – a U.S. based contextual ad tech provider, delivers what consumers want across all digital environments and as a result, drive strong campaign ROAS for our brand partners.

“Diversity in your technology and your approach is extremely important,” states Schneider. Mobile advertising poses an exciting challenge because of less space and different user behaviour. What works perfectly well on a desktop, such as skins, is not nearly as effective if transported one-to-one on a mobile display. The ad has to be user experience-driven and disruptive, such that the company constantly works on new formats and features without using any layover or interstitial methods to deliver the right content to users and advertisers.

By leveraging available automated technological approaches and utmost diligence towards fulfilling the need for a campaign, JustPremium helps brands stand out in a competitive digital environment through unique and impactful cross-screen user experiences. Following our acquision by GumGum – the global leader in contextual technology, we will now be able to do this with no reliance on cookies on a global scale.

JustPremium has performed countless campaigns and devised different solutions. The firm’s mobile skin is three canvases synchronised together.

We bring creativity to digital advertising

A small footer begins the storytelling on bottom of the page when a user opens the screen without overlaying any content. As the user moves further down, there is a mid-placement of the story, and after further scrolling, the ad ends with a footer positioning. Thus, it is a synchronised ad delivery system with a story that flows seamlessly through a vast canvas to create a great user experience. “We have seen high acceptance and engagement rates from the users, and the publishers love it because their content is always in view,” to digital advertising adds Schneider. Of course, JustPremium ensures creating ad space and filling it with the correct creative elements that users want to engage with; further, the company also chooses the right websites to put the ads on for the appropriate audience and achieves the scale a client needs from the campaign. Recently, the company launched its Mobile Expandable tool, which is at the footer positioning and can actively expand to make room for impactful elements like a video integration or a chatbot and that creates a real opportunity for a user to engage with the brand. It is user-initiated and does not intrude with any content of the actual website. “We always try to find solutions that are not single-minded but have the interests of all stakeholders, users, publishers, and advertisers alike,” asserts Schneider. For instance, during the launch of the new iPhone 12 Pro, Vodafone searched for a cost-effective mobile solution that would drive quality traffic to their website and naturally engage the user. To lock in engagement with the Vodafone consumer mindset and achieve the deserved competitive advantage, JustPremium provided a solution that measured beyond standard campaign metrics such as CTR and Viewability while tapping into hard to quantify advanced areas such as ‘Attention’. The results were outstanding, with an incredible CTR of 1.5 per cent and viewability of 92 per cent. JustPremium delivered a responsive Mobile Expandable, designed to maximise mobile reach while providing excellent viewability and over ten times higher CTR than standard IAB units. JustPremium stepped into the advertising industry to create additional revenue sources for struggling publishers. Before engaging with advertisers or their agencies, the company fosters strong partnerships within those markets. With a publisher-first approach, the firm provides full transparency via a self-service tool within its platform to access reports. “It is important that our services connect directly to the publisher without any middlemen,” states Schneider.

“Forging ahead, we will continue to better our products and services and keep enhancing its portfolio by adding new formats and easing the distribution process of campaigns.” Adds Schneider. Recently, JustPremium launched a unique outstream video offering and has various new formats in the pipeline. The firm boasts of a diverse employee base from over 30 different nations with varying cultural and social backgrounds. Following the acquision, JustPremium’s organization and name will integrated under the GumGum brand and together the global team will account for over 350 people globally. Such a diverse team structure helps us remain agile, lively, and interestingly young—significant factors that enable it to sprout new ideas and creative ways to execute them constantly. “The diversity of our services and offerings is key to us and that is what makes us successful,” concludes Schneider.
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Joerg Schneider, Global Head of Sales and Supply

JustPremium is the leading platform for programmatic rich media. Boasting more than 15 billion available impressions, JustPremium provides access to the largest network of rich media display and video inventory in the world. Reaching more than 900 million unique visitors in more than 25 countries every month, the company connects thousands of premium publishers with the world’s top brands